Breaking Gold and Silver News (28 January 2015)


Gold slips from 12-week high on less dovish Fed – Reuters

Gold Drops After Rally to Highest Level in Almost Three Months – Bloomberg

China’s Gold Buying to Top 200 Tons This Year, Barclays Says  – Bloomberg

Gold Climbs as Fed Says Officials Will Monitor Global Impact  – Bloomberg

Gold rallies after Fed expressed worry over strong US dollar – FX Street



In Uncertain Times, Germany Takes More Gold Home – Reuters

ECB Forced Ireland Pay Bondholders – Was Hostage Situation – David McWilliams

God and His Angels Can’t Fix Greece: Varoufakis   – Bloomberg Video

ECB Should Buy Gold – Draghi’s “Golden Bazooka” – FT Video

Ray Dalio On Gold: Buffett Is Making A Big Mistake – WN Video




Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director