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GoldCore Launch ‘GoldNomics’ Video to Educate about Gold

GoldCore has just launched an interesting and informative video – ‘GoldNomics’ – in order to help further educate the public internationally about gold.

* ‘GoldNomics’ conveys gold’s historical and continuing importance

* Gold’s extreme rarity, liquidity & safe haven status explained

* Video uses music, images, facts and quotations to show how gold is a proven store of value throughout history and an important diversification today

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Silver Forecast to Rise to $40/oz in 2011 and $400/oz by 2015


Gold has fallen in dollars but is flat in sterling and euros this morning. Moody’s has cut Spain’s debt rating on contagion concerns which has seen the euro fall. Germany’s opposition to further government financed aid is leading to tensions with the ECB, which is itself now under financial pressure and may need an increase in capital if it is to continue buying sovereign European debt.

Gold is currently trading at $1,388.70/oz, €1,042.18/oz and £886.54/oz.

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Irish Hospice Foundation’s Dublin to Paris Cycle Co-sponsored by GoldCore

The Irish Hospice Foundation’s Dublin to Paris Cycle is being co-sponsored by GoldCore and the cycle is being done by GoldCore’s Executive Director, Mark O’Byrne. The cycle is 500 kilometers long and starts at 7:30am on Sunday July 18th in Dublin and arrives in Paris, 5 days later on Thursday, the 22nd of July.

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