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Physical Gold (Via Mat, Perth Mint, Possession) and Paper Gold (Futures, Pool / Some Unallocated Accounts etc)

Our Market Update on Friday led to queries regarding the nature of "paper gold". 

The important difference between actual physical gold and paper gold is something we have addressed frequently since 2003.

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Videos: Gold and Silver Are Currencies of the Free

The President of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, called for a new post Bretton-Woods currency system involving gold, in November 2010. Zoellick said that gold was worthy of consideration as a reference point for modern currencies and as an indicator to help set foreign exchange rates.

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The Rise of Silver – Silver Infographic: World Silver Production by Country (with Chart)

In the last 40 years, a very significant amount of silver has been consumed in consumer and industrial applications. Gold’s consumption is tiny in comparison.

The fundamentals reasons for our continuing positive outlook for silver are continuing and increasing global macroeconomic and geopolitical risks; silver’s historic role as money and a store of value; the declining and very small supply of silver; significant industrial demand and most importantly significant and increasing investment demand.

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In 2004, GoldCore Clearly Warned about Property and Stock Bubbles, and the Importance of Diversifying into Gold

Since 2003, GoldCore (then called Gold Investments) has clearly warned of property and stock market bubbles internationally, the risks in sharp falls in these markets, and the importance of diversifying into gold.

This is our homepage from early 2004, when we warned about property and stock bubbles, and the importance of diversifying into gold –

Our home page warned investors and savers as seen in this section:

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