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Only the fittest SMEs will survive the coming recession

its a cutthroat world out thereSmall to medium enterprises are the life blood of modern economies. In Ireland for example, up to 56% of the national workforce is employed in by Small to Medium Enterprises, that is to say companies that employ less the 250 employees and would include local industries and mom and pop business outfits. From the United States to Germany and beyond small to medium enterprises are responsible for a large component a countries transactions, employment, provision of goods and services and general day to day activities and are critical to the health of any economy. Given the increasingly uncertain economic climate critical questions must be asked – How can these critical and indigenous industries survive a rapid economic contraction – can they react to a swift fall off in demand for goods and services; do they have the management skills and Management Information Systems to not only recognise the problems but be able to formulate a cohesive response; how robust are their finances; how flexible are their employees? Concerns are growing that with the economic success enjoyed by many countries over the past ten years we have inadvertently created a weak and desperately soft underbelly – That is to say we have forgotten how to manage our business competently. Many small businesses have grown lazy and despondent and lack the management skills needed to properly navigate their business through difficult times.

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