GoldCore Precious Metals Market Update

The continued pressure of a strong dollar saw gold fall yesterday as it technically broke through the trend-line of $934. Despite equity weakness, gold remains heavy. A move lower in the short term would seem likely. However, with the gold/silver ratio of 68.7, a 1st quarter low, this downward trend may soon be capped and a bounce back to all time highs in July may be possible. It has gained slightly this morning and is currently trading at $920.34.

Due to this price breakdown, gold ETFs saw net inflows for the first time in 3 months.

Although this could be a bearish signal for the very short term, the massive economic stimulus packages and government deficits in the UK, the US and internationally should mean gold continues to receive a safe haven bid. Furthermore, the continued printing of money by governments trying to inflate their way out of debt means the reason to invest in gold as a hedge against inflation is more pertinent than ever.

Silver is following gold and is currently trading at $13.75. The 100 day trend line is $13.58 but given the current pressure on the metal, a move lower to $13.10 is possible.

Platinum Group Metals
Platinum has gained $7 today after dropping by almost $40 yesterday, breaking through lows not seen since October 08. Currently trading at $1167, look for support at $1130.

Palladium has followed platinum but is holding firm at $230.

Rhodium had a $100 downward move, currently trading on a bid/offer of $1350/$1450.

Mark OByrne