In 2004, GoldCore Clearly Warned about Property and Stock Bubbles, and the Importance of Diversifying into Gold

Since 2003, GoldCore (then called Gold Investments) has clearly warned of property and stock market bubbles internationally, the risks in sharp falls in these markets, and the importance of diversifying into gold.

This is our homepage from early 2004, when we warned about property and stock bubbles, and the importance of diversifying into gold – http://web.archive.org/web/20040324071856/http://www.gold.ie/

Our home page warned investors and savers as seen in this section:

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GoldCore warned of the likelihood of serious recessions in Ireland, the UK, the US and globally. We warned of significant credit and systemic risk. Many of the macroeconomic risks that we (alone amongst analysts in Ireland and one of few internationally) warned of in recent years have come to pass. Others will likely come to pass in the coming years. GoldCore continues to believe that a diversification into gold is absolutely essential for all investors in order to hedge and protect against the coming global recession and a possible global monetary crisis.

Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director