SPECIAL OFFER: Gold Bars At Just 3.8% For One Week Only

For one week, we are offering beautiful and increasingly popular Perth Mint gold bars (1 ounce) on special offer at an incredibly low 3.8% premium. 

The offer begins today and continues for one week until next Friday, September 7th.

The gold bars can be delivered to you or stored in an allocated account in VIAMAT Zurich at a competitive storage rate. Delivery charges will apply if taking delivery.

The minimum order is 5 ounces. Terms and conditions apply. 

Protect And Grow Your Wealth With Gold Bars 
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GoldCore Perth Mint 1oz gold bullion bars 

More about the Product – Kangaroo Minted Gold Bars 

• Each bar is housed in a special tamper-proof packaging. 

• Each bar is also inscribed with the words’99.99% PURE GOLD’ and its weight. 

• Each Kangaroo minted gold bar is branded with The Perth Mint’s majestic swan logo – a trusted sign of quality and integrity.

• The obverse of each bar portrays stylised motifs of a kangaroo. 

• For added security, each bar is blistered-packed on a tamper-proof display card (the size of a credit card). Each card is serial-numbered and includes the signature of the Perth Mint’s Chief Assayer.

This is a great value deal and worth sharing with family and friends who you think might be well served by owning the safety that is real physical gold.

Protect And Grow Your Wealth With Gold Bars 
Call +353 (0)1 632 5010 or email 

Mark OByrne