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A ‘Great Time To Rebalance Investment and Pension Portfolios’ – Newstalk Interview

How Is Gold Doing and What Is The Future Outlook?

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◆ Negative interest rates and $250 trillion of global debt has turned the world of investments and pensions “on its head”

◆ Gold is doing very well and is up 17% in dollar terms so far this year (19% in euros and 17% in British pounds)

◆ This is to be expected given the scale of risks in the world – not just with Brexit but there are bigger global risks in terms of Trump’s foreign and economic policies, trade wars impacting U.S. and global growth.

◆ The real risk is how we manage slowing global growth given the scale of debt in the world today

◆ Gold has performed poorly in recent years and “nearly fell 50%” as central bankers proved themselves more powerful then we thought they would be and they have “kicked the can down the road” by engaging in massive financial repression

◆ Unbalances are beginning to unwind around the world and just one of many examples of this is Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy. There is debt at every level of society with particular vulnerabilities in the European (with a vulnerable Deutsche Bank), the Chinese banking system and the massive shadow banking system

◆ There is over $250 trillion of debt in the world and the global debt to GDP ratio is now over 300% which is completely unsustainable

◆ We are likely to do 10% to 20% per annum returns in gold in the coming years and it will outperform risk assets of stocks and bonds and hence it is a great time to re-balance portfolios.

◆ Gold is still 20% below the record nominal high in dollars. It will reach that level again but it is important to focus on the value of gold as a hedge and safe haven asset rather than on it’s coming record high prices.

‘All that glitters is gold’ – Nick Bullman of Check Risk’s interview with Mark O’Byrne can be listened on GoldCore via Newstalk here

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17-Oct-19 1484.45 1492.65, 1151.64 1162.63 & 1336.60 1341.59
16-Oct-19 1482.55 1485.10, 1166.32 1155.85 & 1344.52 1343.27
15-Oct-19 1494.75 1487.80, 1183.69 1178.34 & 1357.08 1353.30
14-Oct-19 1494.20 1490.60, 1188.79 1182.94 & 1354.04 1352.12
11-Oct-19 1498.35 1479.15, 1197.93 1166.01 & 1359.90 1338.33
10-Oct-19 1508.20 1494.80, 1232.35 1222.75 & 1368.69 1356.38
09-Oct-19 1503.40 1507.25, 1228.43 1232.93 & 1369.00 1372.65
08-Oct-19 1500.00 1505.85, 1225.50 1233.14 & 1365.30 1372.28
07-Oct-19 1502.15 1501.25, 1221.40 1218.11 & 1369.36 1365.54


Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director


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