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Asian Markets Resume Fall as Tech Stocks Leading The Way

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Asian markets resume their fall, with tech stocks leading the way (MarketWatch.com)

Gold rises as Asian shares dip amid China concerns (Reuters.com)

China’s gold reserves fall in value as overall forex holdings fall too (SharpsPixley.com)

Rally Erupted in Gold Market Days After Funds Made Big Bear Bet (Bloomberg.com)

Gold Revitalized as Equity Sell-Off Spurs Second Weekly Advance (Bloomberg.com)

Shelves Empty as Specter of Hyperinflation Stalks Zimbabwe (Bloomberg.com)

Source: ZeroHedge

Why It’s Worth Holding Gold in Your Portfolio (MoneyWeek.com)

How Brexit will hit sterling (MoneyWeek.com)

Stock market’s nightmare may be far from over (MarketWatch.com)

A Sears liquidation could create some winners and over 100,000 losers (MarketWatch.com)

Italy Declares War On Merkel And The EU (Strategic-Culture.org)

Relative Scarcity Of Physical Gold Prompts Large Drawdowns From Funds, ETFs (ZeroHedge.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

12 Oct: USD 1,218.75, GBP 922.11 & EUR 1,052.15 per ounce
11 Oct: USD 1,201.10, GBP 910.31 & EUR 1,040.27 per ounce
10 Oct: USD 1,186.40, GBP 902.02 & EUR 1,033.00 per ounce
09 Oct: USD 1,187.40, GBP 910.26 & EUR 1,036.01 per ounce
08 Oct: USD 1,194.80, GBP 914.86 & EUR 1,040.67 per ounce
05 Oct: USD 1,201.10, GBP 921.48 & EUR 1,045.08 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

12 Oct: USD 14.60, GBP 11.04 & EUR 12.60 per ounce
11 Oct: USD 14.40, GBP 10.90 & EUR 12.45 per ounce
10 Oct: USD 14.38, GBP 10.92 & EUR 12.50 per ounce
09 Oct: USD 14.33, GBP 10.98 & EUR 12.51 per ounce
08 Oct: USD 14.47, GBP 11.10 & EUR 12.61 per ounce
05 Oct: USD 14.64, GBP 11.23 & EUR 12.73 per ounce

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