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News and Commentary

Parliament to Challenge May for Brexit Power in Crucial Votes (Bloomberg.com)

U.K. Military Stockpiles Food, Fuel, Ammo Ahead of Brexit: Sky (Bloomberg.com)

Gold firm near 7-month peak on U.S. rate pause hopes (Reuters.com)

Asia shares pare gains as focus turns to crucial Sino-U.S. trade talks (Reuters.com)

Trump doubts border security deal, another government shutdown looms (Reuters.com)

Oil falls on increased U.S. rig count, China industrial slowdown (Reuters.com)

Source: Bloomberg

Bitcoin Investors Are Running From Crypto To Invest In Gold This Year (CNBC.com)

Why This Billionaire Just Bought Gold for the First Time in His Life (GoldSeek.com)

U.S. is behind Bank of England’s freeze of Venezuela’s gold (Bloomberg.com)

How Should We Then Invest? (GoldSeek.com)

Tumbling Asian Exports Confirm Global Earnings Recession (ZeroHedge.com)

How the U.K. Parliament Is Trying to Seize Control of Brexit (Bloomberg.com)

Chemical elements which make up mobile phones placed on ‘endangered list’ (St-Andrews.Ac.UK)

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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

25 Jan: USD 1,282.95, GBP 981.33 & EUR 1,132.08 per ounce
24 Jan: USD 1,279.75, GBP 981.70 & EUR 1,128.36 per ounce
23 Jan: USD 1,284.90, GBP 990.14 & EUR 1,131.74 per ounce
22 Jan: USD 1,284.75, GBP 994.14 & EUR 1,130.58 per ounce
21 Jan: USD 1,278.70, GBP 995.08 & EUR 1,124.11 per ounce
18 Jan: USD 1,285.05, GBP 993.34 & EUR 1,126.86 per ounce
17 Jan: USD 1,294.00, GBP 1,004.92 & EUR 1,135.87 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

25 Jan: USD 15.37, GBP 11.74 & EUR 13.55 per ounce
24 Jan: USD 15.30, GBP 11.75 & EUR 13.48 per ounce
23 Jan: USD 15.38, GBP 11.80 & EUR 13.54 per ounce
22 Jan: USD 15.26, GBP 11.84 & EUR 13.44 per ounce
21 Jan: USD 15.26, GBP 11.86 & EUR 13.42 per ounce
18 Jan: USD 15.47, GBP 11.96 & EUR 13.56 per ounce
17 Jan: USD 15.57, GBP 12.08 & EUR 13.66 per ounce

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