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Brexit: Was The Iron Lady’s Warning of EU ‘Superstate’ Correct?

Britain is continuing to debate its role and its participation within the European Union in preparation for a major vote on whether to leave the union altogether. There are indications that the referendum – known as Brexit – is likely to be held in 2016. It could be argued that Britain was always a reluctant […]


Fed’s Annual Stress Tests: Deutsche Bank & Santander Fail

– Largest banks in Germany and Spain fail Federal Reserve’s ‘stress tests’ – Stress tests designed to assess whether lenders can withstand another financial crisis – U.S. subsidiaries fail Fed stress tests on ‘‘widespread and critical deficiencies’’ in identifying risks – Deutsche and Santander bank fail on “qualitative” grounds – 28 out of 31 banks […]


What is the Gold Fix?

 What is the Gold Fix? To help facilitate trades on the London gold market, the price of gold is "fixed" twice each weekday. The Gold Fix is determined by a five member panel, known as The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. The Gold Fix is used to help members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) complete trades. The gold fix sets values in US dollars, British Pounds and Euros, and is used as a benchmark price by most of the world's markets for bullion and other gold derivatives.


What is the Spot Gold Price?

What is the Spot Gold Price? When trading gold bullion, the price is usually governed by the "Spot Gold Price". This is the explicit value at which an ounce of gold is selling for on the "over the counter" market at any given point in time.


Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is a bulk form of the precious metal used for trading on commodity markets. Gold bullion is usually cast into ingots or coins. 


Goldnomics Podcast - Gold, Stocks, Bitcoin in 2018. Everything Bubble Bursts?

Goldnomics Podcast - Gold, Stocks, Bitcoin in 2018. Everything Bubble Bursts?  [iframe sandbox="allow-popups allow-same-origin allow-scripts" src="//" width="300px" height="138px"] Press play to listen to podcast In this our first GoldNomics podcast we take a look at the major financial market themes[...]


London Property Woes Continue As House Prices Fall to 2.5 Year Low

Gold and Silver Bullion - News and Commentary Gold prices notch fifth week of gains in a row ( Gold notches 5th week of gains, palladium hits record ( London Housing Woe Endures as Prices Drop to 2 1/2-Year Low ([...]


Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Prices

Gold and Silver Bullion - News and Commentary Bitcoin Heads to Bigger Wall Street Stage as CME Debuts Futures ( Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High At $19,659.50 ( The EU has signed a deal to integrate 23 armies ( Seasonally, January[...]