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Marc Faber Interview 2021: Don’t Sell Your Gold

This week on GoldCore TV Dave Russell chats with Dr. Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of the “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report”. Dr. Faber is well known for his outspoken views and contrarian investment approach. Watch the Video to Learn More Make sure you don’t miss a single episode… Subscribe to our YouTube channel Buy Physical Silver […]


Gold Leads the Way for Silver

Gold leads the way Last week we wrote about the gold to silver ratio. Our points were that it measures the price of one metal against the other, just as we use the dollars per ounce to measure daily metals prices, and just as we use ounces per Corvette to measure purchasing power preservation. Also, […]


Buy Physical Silver Now- Gary Savage

The Fed has indicated that rates will be raised but has offered no indication of when or by how much. Could this cause a melt-up in stocks before we see a massive correction? We ask our guest on this episode of GoldCore TV, Technical Analyst, Gary Savage of Smart Money Tracker. Watch the Video to […]


Is Gold Still in a Bull Market?

Today Gareth Soloway, Chief Market Strategist of talks about his technical analysis of gold and silver as well as giving us insights in to the recent moves in Bitcoin and the stock markets. Recent comments from the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell indicated that they may need to raise rates in 2023 (2 years […]


New Video: Dominic Frisby -Why Now is a Good Time to Buy Gold

This week’s guest on GoldCore TV is financial writer, author, and comedian Dominic Frisby who joins Dave Russell to discuss financial markets, inflation and why now is gold and silver’s time to shine… Watch the Video to Learn More Make sure you don’t miss a single episode… Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Gold to hit $3,000, […]


Will Gold and Silver Surge to New Highs in 2021?

Gold has clearly broken out to the upside in recent days and silver is rallying along with it! Gold has pushed past its 200-day moving average and broke upwards through the downtrend line. The gold price has risen 12% in US dollar terms from the year-to-date low set on March 30, 2021, of US$1683.95 to […]


3 Reasons Gold is Now Set to Rally

Gold has rallied to a four-month high – rising in US dollar terms by $100 in the first 18 days of May, and more than $200 since the low this year set on March 30th. On a technical positive gold moved decisively above its 200-day moving average! The decline in the US dollar is one of […]


How Much Gold Do I Need In My Portfolio

In this episode of the #Goldnomics podcast, Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore, Mark O’Byrne of Health Wealth Gold, and Dave Russell of GoldCoreTV discuss what assets and asset classes they believe should be included in the portfolio in order to both protect you from and take advantage of the current megatrends identified in the previous […]


How to Build a Long Term Portfolio: For the Next 10 Years

In the latest episode of the #Goldnomics Podcast, Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore and Mark O’Byrne of Health Wealth Gold joins Dave Russell to discuss if it is possible to build the #perfectportfolio for the next 10 years? But what are the current megatrends that are emerging and how will it affect your portfolio? How can […]


Is the Silver Squeeze Over?

Chris Vermeulen of is back on #GoldCoreTV with Dave Russell, to help us interpret the recent moves in silver and gold. We also take a look at bitcoin and ask what the recent increased volatility is signaling and in the stock market is the rally in the S&P500 running out of steam? Watch Chris Vermeulen on […]


Is ESG Investment the Future of Gold & Silver?

‘ESG’ is a great buzzword in investing right now. For years the momentum has been building for the idea that retirement savings should do more than keep you secure, it also should help the planet. Obviously, no one wants to hurt the planet since its our only home. ESG Investment is shorthand for Environmental, Social […]


Best Time To Buy Gold And Silver is Now! – David Brady

The best time to buy gold and silver is now, according to, #GlobalProTrader​ David Brady who is Dave Russell’s guest on the latest episode of GoldCore TV.   David shares with us his thoughts about gold as a hedge against inflation and as a hedge against the dollar. Using his personal trading methodology FIPESTxM, he discusses […]


Max Keiser – Why is Gold in Bitcoin’s Shadow?

I was delighted to have the opportunity to be interviewed by Max Keiser of The Keiser Report and talk about what’s going on with gold, silver and bitcoin prices so far in 2021. With gold and silver prices dropping while bitcoin rallies, we discuss what impact higher yields will now have on asset markets. We […]


Silver Squeeze – Buy Silver Not Conspiracy Theories!

In today’s video we’re talking about the silver squeeze with Miguel Perez-Santalla, the Head of Trading and Sales at Heraeus Metals, one of the worlds largest silver refining operations. Miguel published an article recently in which he expresses concern about some conspiracy theories circulating on the web with respect to the silver market. The #silversqueeze​ […]


[GoldCore TV] Louis Gave -How to Prepare for the Coming Crash

The real global economic impact of Covid19Much higher inflation triggered by unprecedented money printingWhy money will continue to flow EastWhy the dollar is set to weaken considerablyWhy you must own gold as an “anti-fragile” asset Louis Gave of Gavekal, one of the world’s leading independent providers of global investment research discusses how your portfolio will […]


David Morgan – Silver Guru Interview

Is the Short Squeeze in Silver Over Already?What Silver Products Investors Should Be BuyingWhy Physical Silver Wins Over Paper Is the Silver Short Squeeze 2021 over before it begins? Known as “The Silver Guru”, David Morgan is the author of The Morgan Report, an investment newsletter that specializes in the silver market and silver bullion. […]


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