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Europe’s Italian Problem Is Bigger Than Brexit

Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Gold rises, market eyes US-China trade talks, Fed minutes (Reuters.com)

Nikkei leads Asian-market losses as investors’ geopolitical worries grow (MarketWatch.com)

Brent rises on supply concerns, U.S.-China trade worries weigh (Reuters.com)

Stocks Retreat as North Korea Summit Looks Iffy (Bloomberg.com)

Trade, geopolitical uncertainty puts stock-market rally on pause (MarketWatch.com)

War warning: Sweden issues its people with booklet on how to cope with crisis (News.com.au)

Source: Investing.com

Silver Attempting Breakout At 20-Year Support (Investing.com)

Italy is testing Mario Draghi to step in and do “whatever it takes” (MoneyWeek.com)

Europe’s Italian Problem Is Bigger Than Brexit (Bloomberg.com)

7 Reasons Why European Banks Are In Trouble (Mises.com)

The Untold Story of FDR and the Battle Over Gold (Bloomberg.com)


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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

22 May: USD 1,293.90, GBP 961.24 & EUR 1,095.29 per ounce
21 May: USD 1,285.85, GBP 959.24 & EUR 1,095.67 per ounce
18 May: USD 1,287.20, GBP 954.20 & EUR 1,091.16 per ounce
17 May: USD 1,288.85, GBP 952.07 & EUR 1,090.50 per ounce
16 May: USD 1,291.75, GBP 958.61 & EUR 1,093.60 per ounce
15 May: USD 1,310.05, GBP 966.42 & EUR 1,098.35 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

22 May: USD 16.58, GBP 12.32 & EUR 14.04 per ounce
21 May: USD 16.34, GBP 12.19 & EUR 13.91 per ounce
18 May: USD 16.39, GBP 12.16 & EUR 13.92 per ounce
17 May: USD 16.39, GBP 12.14 & EUR 13.90 per ounce
16 May: USD 16.26, GBP 12.07 & EUR 13.79 per ounce
15 May: USD 16.41, GBP 12.12 & EUR 13.77 per ounce

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