Everything Bubble Started Bursting In 2018 – GoldCore Video

– Review of 2018: ‘Everything bubble’ started bursting
– International stock market indices and many property markets have fallen sharply
–  S&P 500 -4.5%, Nikkei -8%, EuroStoxx 50 -12.5%, FTSE -13%, DAX -16.5%
– Of 54 major international stock market indices, only 6 are higher (see table below)
– Global property bubble bursting – London, Sydney and Vancouver fall nearly 10%
– Crypto bubble burst as bitcoin falls from $20k to below $4k and cryptos collapsed
– Collapse of central bank driven asset bubbles to continue and intensify in 2019
– Gold lower in USD in 2018 but gains in EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD and most currencies

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Editors note: In our first Goldnomics podcast this time last year, we considered the outlook for markets in ‘What 2018 has in store for financial markets’ (here).  A year later our conversation looks quite prescient given how stock market (see below) and property market bubbles have started to burst and the collapse of the crypto and bitcoin bubble.


Source: WSJ


Watch ‘2018 – Everything Bubble Starts Bursting’ video here



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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

18 Dec: USD 1,248.80, GBP 987.43 & EUR 1,096.70 per ounce
17 Dec: USD 1,239.10, GBP 982.61 & EUR 1,093.13 per ounce
14 Dec: USD 1,239.15, GBP 983.39 & EUR 1,096.90 per ounce
13 Dec: USD 1,244.45, GBP 982.87 & EUR 1,093.62 per ounce
12 Dec: USD 1,244.75, GBP 993.31 & EUR 1,098.24 per ounce
11 Dec: USD 1,248.25, GBP 988.99 & EUR 1,096.59 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

18 Dec: USD 14.66, GBP 11.55 & EUR 12.86 per ounce
17 Dec: USD 14.60, GBP 11.55 & EUR 12.86 per ounce
14 Dec: USD 14.58, GBP 11.61 & EUR 12.92 per ounce
13 Dec: USD 14.68, GBP 11.60 & EUR 12.90 per ounce
12 Dec: USD 14.66, GBP 11.68 & EUR 12.93 per ounce
11 Dec: USD 14.64, GBP 11.62 & EUR 12.85 per ounce

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