Daily Market Update

Fed Is Looking at a New Monetary Experiment Akin To ‘Quantitative Easing’

Stocks Struggle on Weak Earnings; Dollar Edges Up: Markets Wrap (Bloomberg.com)

Gold futures post first loss in 4 sessions (Marketwatch.com)

Gold slips from more than one-week high as data lifts equities (Reuters.com)

Newmont Goldcorp to suspend Peñasquito operations in Mexico due to blockade (Reuters.com)

Bart Chilton, former CFTC commissioner and high-frequency trading critic, is dead at 58 (CNBC.com)

Fed Is Looking at a New Program that Could Be Another Version of ‘Quantitative Easing’ (CNBC.com)

Decline in world’s monetary reserves signals end to dollar as reserve currency (GATA.com)

Flash Crashes Keep Showing Gold Market Manipulation And The CFTC’s Indifference (SilverDoctors.com)

Near-Record Gold Shorting (SeekingAlpha.com)

Why Warning About A Bubble For A Decade Is Completely Rational (RealInvestmentAdvice)

Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

29 Apr: USD 1,282.15, GBP 991.10 & EUR 1,148.55 per ounce
26 Apr: USD 1,281.50, GBP 992.78 & EUR 1,150.02 per ounce
25 Apr: USD 1,277.85, GBP 991.87 & EUR 1,146.87 per ounce
24 Apr: USD 1,273.80, GBP 984.90 & EUR 1,135.34 per ounce
23 Apr: USD 1,273.45, GBP 979.67 & EUR 1,131.46 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

29 Apr: USD 14.97, GBP 11.58 & EUR 13.42 per ounce
26 Apr: USD 15.00, GBP 11.62 & EUR 13.47 per ounce
25 Apr: USD 14.86, GBP 11.55 & EUR 13.36 per ounce
24 Apr: USD 14.80, GBP 11.44 & EUR 13.21 per ounce
23 Apr: USD 14.97, GBP 11.51 & EUR 13.31 per ounce

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