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Global Gold Alert: Is Your Gold S.A.F.E. ?


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  • It is now time to move to own actual physical gold coins and bars
  • Become your own central bank and avoid ETF and online gold
  • Take delivery and own gold and silver bullion the S.A.F.E. way
  • Gold ETFs, online gold and paper or electronic gold may not be liquid or cashed in or physically redeemed in a crisis
  • Some 80% of gold and silver investments (our estimation) or proxy precious metals are not fit for purpose in a systemic or monetary crisis

Is Your Gold S.A.F.E. ?

Are your precious metals Segregated, Actionable, Flexible and what are the total Expenses?

  • Are your precious metals FULLY SEGREGATED & Allocated?
  • Are your gold and silver investments ACTIONABLE, accessible, portable & directional?
  • Do you have real FLEXIBILITY, liquidity and competitive prices with your gold and silver bullion and the ability to take delivery, transfer to third parties and sell easily to the global market?
  • What are the EXPENSES and total costs to buy, sell, fabricate, segregate, take delivery or move to another provider? Are the expenses clear and transparent or have the expenses changed over the years or are they hidden in the small print? Can the provider arbitrarily change the pricing to buy, sell, store and take deliver?

Test Your Gold Exit and Be Sure It Is SAFE

Test your provider by selling some of your holding for cash and by taking delivery of or transferring to a third party some of your gold and silver bars.

Call your provider today and test if you can take delivery or transfer some of your holding in a test transfer. Take note of all limitations, time delays and unexpected costs.

Watch Podcast Here or Listen on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud or Blubrry

News and Commentary

Poland’s Central Bank Increases Gold Reserves by Over 125 Tonnes

Poland Central Bank Gold Reserves Rise Sharply in the Month of June

Gold Prices Drop, Log a Loss of 1% for the Week but Close Over $1,400

Deutsche Bank Will Exit Global Equities Business and Slash 18,000 Jobs in Sweeping Overhaul

Domestic Gold Discounts in India at Three-year Peak After Import Duty Increase

Why Gold Prices Have Climbed to Their Highest Since 2013

Traders “Used the Better-than-expected Jobs Number to Push Gold Prices Lower” – Goldcore

USD’s Reserve Currency Role at Risk as Nations Turn to Domestic Currencies, Gold – Ex-Reagan Official

‘Never Has a Big Down Day Looked Better’ – GATA

This (Completely Reasonable) Change in Investor Behavior Would Send Gold to the Moon

LBMA Gold Prices (AM/ PM Fix – USD, GBP & EUR)

05-Jul-19 1414.40 1388.65, 1126.43 1110.92 & 1255.99 1237.70
04-Jul-19 1415.25 1414.90, 1125.41 1125.55 & 1254.19 1254.59
03-Jul-19 1425.10 1413.50, 1133.52 1123.31 & 1262.78 1251.65
02-Jul-19 1393.10 1391.05, 1105.01 1101.02 & 1233.59 1231.77
01-Jul-19 1390.05 1390.10, 1099.81 1099.99 & 1227.41 1227.74
28-Jun-19 1413.20 1409.00, 1114.87 1108.18 & 1241.07 1237.81
27-Jun-19 1402.25 1402.50, 1103.71 1105.87 & 1233.14 1234.76
26-Jun-19 1406.75 1403.95, 1109.22 1106.73 & 1238.501236.32

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