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Gold and Silver Prices and News

Gold and Silver Prices and News
Gold Advances to Four-Week High on Brexit Risk (Bloomberg)

Gold climbs above $1280/oz, hits 4-wk high on risk aversion (Bullion Desk)

Euro, pound fall to lowest level vs yen since 2013 (Reuters)

Asian Stocks Sink Amid Brexit Angst Before Fed as Yen, Gold Jump (Bloomberg)

UK voters back Norway-style Brexit, poll reveals (Telegraph)


VAT Free Silver


Why Big Investors Think It’s Time to Own Gold (CNBC)

Massive Gold Investment Buying (Gold Seek)

I love gold because it gives financial security – Ron Paul (24H Gold)

Gross Says Negative Rates Are Like ‘Supernova’ That Will Explode (Bloomberg)

Why I Will Cast My Vote For BREXIT – Evans-Pritchard (Telegraph)

Gold Prices (LBMA AM)
10 June: USD 1,266.60, EUR 1,121.07 and GBP 876.87 per ounce
09 June: USD 1,258.35, EUR 1,107.98 and GBP 870.53 per ounce
08 June: USD 1,252.40, EUR 1,101.61 and GBP 851.65 per ounce
07 June: USD 1,241.10, EUR 1,091.42 and GBP 851.02 per ounce
06 June: USD 1,240.55, EUR 1,092.67 and GBP 859.08 per ounce
03 June: USD 1,211.00, EUR 1,086.63 and GBP 839.34 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)
10 June: USD 17.32, EUR 15.33 and GBP 12.01 per ounce
09 June: USD 17.05, EUR 15.03 and GBP 11.79 per ounce
08 June: USD 16.75, EUR 14.73 and GBP 11.50 per ounce
07 June: USD 16.31, EUR 14.36 and GBP 11.18 per ounce
06 June: USD 16.40, EUR 14.46 and GBP 11.39 per ounce
03 June: USD 16.10, EUR 14.45 and GBP 11.17 per ounce

Recent Market Updates
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 Pensions Timebomb in “Slow Motion Detonation” In UK, EU, U.S.
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– Martin Wolf: There Will Be Another “Huge” Financial Crisis

– Silver Price To Surge 800% on Global Industrial and Technological Demand

 BREXIT Gold Diversification As Vote Fuels Market Uncertainty
 Gold Forecasts Revised Higher – Citi Says “Buy the Dip”
– World’s Largest Asset Manager Suggests “Perfect Time” For Gold



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