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Gold and Silver Prices and News

Gold and Silver Prices and News

India’s finance minister can’t persuade own wife to paperise gold jewellery – GATA

Gold Holds Advance as Investors Weigh Fed’s Rate Path, Inflation – Bloomberg

Gold dips, but holds above one-month low on weak U.S. data – Reuters

Gold Bulls Retreat as Prices Slip to 1-Month Low on U.S. Economy – Bloomberg

Gold ends at lowest in a month as Fed guessing game plays on – Marketwatch


Chinese investors buy coins, bars as haven from global economic uncertainty – WSJ

Five Years That Changed Silver Forever – Butler – Silver Seek

Selling a 100 oz Silver Bar for $25 Dollars ! – Mark Dice via YouTube

2016: The End of the Global Debt Super Cycle – Palisade Research

It’s 1790 All Over Again – Salinas Price via Plata


Gold Prices (LBMA)
29 Mar: USD 1,216.45, EUR 1,087.71 and GBP 853.04 per ounce
24 Mar: USD 1,216.45, EUR 1,088.75 and GBP 861.89 per ounce
23 Mar: USD 1,232.20, EUR 1,101.76 and GBP 870.03 per ounce
22 Mar: USD 1,251.80, EUR 1,117.35 and GBP 876.96 per ounce
21 Mar: USD 1,244.25, EUR 1,104.47 and GBP 863.60 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)
28 Mar: USD , EUR  and GBP  per ounce
24 Mar: USD 15.28, EUR 13.70 and GBP 10.82 per ounce
23 Mar: USD 15.58, EUR 13.92 and GBP 10.99 per ounce
22 Mar: USD 15.89, EUR 14.16 and GBP 11.12 per ounce
21 Mar: USD 15.81, EUR 14.02 and GBP 10.99 per ounce


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