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Gold Bulls Expect ‘Intense Short-Covering Rally’ In “Great Short Squeeze”

Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Gold Bulls Expect ‘Intense Short-Covering Rally’ In “Great Short Squeeze” (Bloomberg.com)

EU Looking to Sidestep U.S. Sanctions With Payments System Plan (Bloomberg.com)

Gold prices steady as dollar sags on U.S-Mexico trade deal (Reuters.com)

Gold Rises on Weaker Dollar, Trade Tensions (Investing.com)

Asian stocks surge ahead as U.S. trade worries ease (MarketWatch.com)

Source: Bloomberg

Anti-dollar awakening could be ruder and sooner than most think (CNBC.com)

BIS Warns Of “Perfect Storm” For Global Economy (ZeroHedge.com)

Not Commercially Viable – British Airways, Air France, KLM Axe Flights To Iran (ZeroHedge.com)

Smart Money Ace Up the Sleeve and a Gold Chart Update (CrushTheStreet.com)

Trade-war tracker: Here are the new levies, imposed and threatened (MarketWatch.com)


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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

24 Aug: USD 1,189.95, GBP 928.76 & EUR 1,029.43 per ounce
23 Aug: USD 1,187.30, GBP 923.24 & EUR 1,027.61 per ounce
22 Aug: USD 1,196.85, GBP 928.25 & EUR 1,032.88 per ounce
21 Aug: USD 1,194.10, GBP 931.28 & EUR 1,036.12 per ounce
20 Aug: USD 1,188.75, GBP 933.29 & EUR 1,042.41 per ounce
17 Aug: USD 1,176.70, GBP 925.59 & EUR 1,032.79 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

24 Aug: USD 14.62, GBP 11.37 & EUR 12.63 per ounce
23 Aug: USD 14.63, GBP 11.34 & EUR 12.62 per ounce
22 Aug: USD 14.81, GBP 11.49 & EUR 12.77 per ounce
21 Aug: USD 14.78, GBP 11.52 & EUR 12.83 per ounce
20 Aug: USD 14.76, GBP 11.57 & EUR 12.93 per ounce
17 Aug: USD 14.66, GBP 11.54 & EUR 12.87 per ounce

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