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Gold ETF Assets Climb to Highest Since 2013

Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Gold ETF Assets Climb to Highest Since 2013 (Bloomberg.com)

Gold firm as dollar sinks further (Reuters.com)

Australia Is Cashing In on Gold ETFs (Bloomberg.com)

South Korea now requires verified ID to trade cryptocurrencies (MarketWatch.com)

Gold Market Mulling Blockchain to Secure $200 Billion of Supply (Bloomberg.com)

First Cryptocurrency Freight Deal Takes Russian Wheat to Turkey (Bloomberg.com)

Source: Bloomberg

This Rare Bear Who Called the Crash Warns Housing Is Too Hot Again (Bloomberg.com)

Now that the bond bull market is over, what comes next? (MoneyWeek.com)

Look For The Stock Market To Move Higher Before Topping In Early To Mid March (TheTechnicalTraders.com)

Everyone Is Affected: Why The Implications Of The Intel “Bug” Are Staggering (ZeroHedge.com)

Why Bitcoin Is Silver’s Best Friend In 2018 (Silver-Pheonix500.com)

“America First” and China – and what’s next (StansBerryChurcHouse.com)

Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

24 Jan: USD 1,350.50, GBP 957.50 & EUR 1,093.77 per ounce
23 Jan: USD 1,337.10, GBP 959.10 & EUR 1,091.74 per ounce
22 Jan: USD 1,334.15, GBP 959.12 & EUR 1,087.87 per ounce
19 Jan: USD 1,335.80, GBP 960.17 & EUR 1,087.74 per ounce
18 Jan: USD 1,329.75, GBP 961.14 & EUR 1,088.40 per ounce
17 Jan: USD 1,337.35, GBP 969.45 & EUR 1,092.48 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

24 Jan: USD 17.19, GBP 12.16 & EUR 13.93 per ounce
23 Jan: USD 16.98, GBP 12.19 & EUR 13.87 per ounce
22 Jan: USD 17.04, GBP 12.25 & EUR 13.90 per ounce
19 Jan: USD 17.04, GBP 12.27 & EUR 13.89 per ounce
18 Jan: USD 17.09, GBP 12.31 & EUR 13.96 per ounce
17 Jan: USD 17.21, GBP 12.49 & EUR 14.10 per ounce

Recent Market Updates

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– Gold and Silver Bullion Are Only “Safe Investments Left” – Stockman
– Silver Prices To Surge – JP Morgan Has Acquired A “Massive Quantity of Physical Silver”
– London Property Crash Looms As Prices Drop To 2 1/2 Year Low
– Gold Bullion Up 1% In Week, Heads For 5th Weekly Gain As Bonds Sell Off
– Gold Prices Rise To $1,326/oz as China U.S. Treasury Buying Report Creates Volatility
– Gold Hits All-Time Highs Priced In Emerging Market Currencies
– World is $233 Trillion In Debt: UK Personal Debt At New Record
– 10 Reasons Why You Should Add To Your Gold Holdings

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