Daily Market Update

Gold In Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) Reach Record High In Europe

Gold slips to 2019 low as global economic outlook improves (Reuters.com)

Romania’s central bank objects to lawmakers’ attempt to repatriate gold reserve (Romania-Insider.com)

Stocks erase week’s gains after weak manufacturing surveys (Reuters.com)

North Korea calls for Pompeo to be dropped from talks; tests tactical weapon (Reuters.com)

Fed may need to buy more bonds than before crisis to manage U.S. rates (Reuters.com)

Asian shares slip from nine-month high (Reuters.com)

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European Gold ETPs reach record highs (Gold.org)

Survey concludes Germans hold more gold than their central bank (Gata.org)

Silver versus Debt, Delusions and Devaluation (SilverSeek.com)

Gold Dumps As ‘Someone’ Decides 0830ET Is Perfect Time To Puke $1.5 Billion Notional (ZeroHedge.com)

How central bank gold buying is undermining the dollar (GoldSeek.com)

Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

17 Apr: USD 1,276.10, GBP 978.77 & EUR 1,127.82 per ounce
16 Apr: USD 1,283.75, GBP 981.30 & EUR 1,137.40 per ounce
15 Apr: USD 1,286.75, GBP 982.43 & EUR 1,137.23 per ounce
12 Apr: USD 1,296.15, GBP 991.68 & EUR 1,146.06 per ounce
11 Apr: USD 1,304.65, GBP 997.01 & EUR 1,152.43 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

17 Apr: USD 15.00, GBP 11.49 & EUR 13.27 per ounce
16 Apr: USD 14.94, GBP 11.42 & EUR 13.22 per ounce
15 Apr: USD 14.93, GBP 11.39 & EUR 13.20 per ounce
12 Apr: USD 15.06, GBP 11.51 & EUR 13.31 per ounce
11 Apr: USD 15.25, GBP 11.66 & EUR 13.53 per ounce

Recent Market Updates

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