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Gold Falls Off 10-Month Peak After Fed Stance

News and Commentary

Gold falls off 10-month peak after Fed stance; palladium retreats (Reuters.com)

Gold sinks, set to snap 3-day string of gains (MarketWatch.com)

U.S. stocks sag on poor economic outlook; oil, gold slip (Reuters.com)

Stocks fall as weak economic data overshadow trade-talk optimism (MarketWatch.com)

Philly Fed manufacturing index slumps into negative territory for the first time in nearly three years (MarketWatch.com)

Australia’s Gold … Safely in the Hands of the Bank of England (SMH.com)

CFTC and Justice Dept. overlook manipulative short position in silver (Gata.org)

Gold: Will “America First” End America’s Dominance? (Gold-Eagle.com)

For The First Time Since 2000, Most Assets Are Overbought (ZeroHedge.com)

Most Americans & Europeans Are Terrified About Retirement (ZeroHedge.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

21 Feb: USD 1,335.05, GBP 1021.85 & EUR 1,177.78 per ounce
20 Feb: USD 1,345.75, GBP 1032.86 & EUR 1,186.82 per ounce
19 Feb: USD 1,329.55, GBP 1028.81 & EUR 1,175.72 per ounce
18 Feb: USD 1,323.95, GBP 1025.13 & EUR 1,169.58 per ounce
15 Feb: USD 1,319.00, GBP 1027.64 & EUR 1,168.17 per ounce
14 Feb: USD 1,305.65, GBP 1017.49 & EUR 1,158.50 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

21 Feb: USD 15.91, GBP 12.19 & EUR 14.02 per ounce
20 Feb: USD 16.03, GBP 12.31 & EUR 14.15 per ounce
19 Feb: USD 15.78, GBP 12.22 & EUR 13.99 per ounce
18 Feb: USD 15.76, GBP 12.19 & EUR 13.91 per ounce
15 Feb: USD 15.67, GBP 12.23 & EUR 13.90 per ounce
14 Feb: USD 15.58, GBP 12.17 & EUR 13.83 per ounce

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