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Gold Remains the ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’ and Is Again Warning of Currency Crisis

“There Is Manipulation In The Gold Futures Market” – Watch Video Update

◆ “There is always going to be those who have a vested interest in it not going past the all time high for as long as they can attempt to manage that”

◆ “It is all about maintaining faith in the dollar and they do not want gold going to $2,500 or $3,000 per ounce … and they will do all that they can to prevent that.”

◆ Gold will again “become the ‘canary in the coal mine’ which is singing with respect to the dollar” … “showing that you have serious systemic issues.”

By manipulating gold prices, it creates a false sense of security for people … as people see gold has not hit record highs and think that means that we do not have a currency crisis and there is no risk to the dollar. The mainstream is not talking about the risks to the dollar and it is not in the mainstream narrative at all or in the mainstream media.

This is despite America has never being more dysfunctional … the American economy looks like it is going to collapse … it is civil war politics over there ahead of the election.”

“Monster of financialisation of America and much of the industrial world have undermined the fundamentals of the economies and the poor and the middle classes will be impacted the most.”

◆ “Gold market supply issues are not simply due to “logistics” but due to a lack of supply of unencumbered gold in London and New York which is not already owned.”

“In the very short term, gold and silver may go lower but the medium and long term outlook is as good as it was in 2001 and in early 2009.”

These financial, monetary and systemic risks highlight the importance of avoiding gold ETF products and owning physical gold unencumbered outside the banking and financial system

◆ “People need to protect themselves and their businesses and become financially and monetarily free by owning gold in the safest way”

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12-May-20 1703.45 1702.40, 1381.84 1379.80 & 1574.50 1565.87
11-May-20 1698.80 1702.75, 1375.35 1378.55 & 1570.20 1571.81
07-May-20 1688.65 1704.05, 1366.29 1387.78 & 1565.21 1582.38
06-May-20 1698.90 1691.50, 1373.56 1366.73 & 1574.71 1564.13
05-May-20 1696.30 1699.55, 1363.83 1363.72 & 1566.36 1562.91
04-May-20 1703.70 1709.10, 1371.14 1374.63 & 1558.72 1563.83
01-May-20 1673.05 1686.25, 1332.08 1347.15 & 1523.14 1536.68

30-Apr-20 1716.75 1702.75, 1373.92 1361.69 & 1577.86 1568.91
29-Apr-20 1706.00 1703.35, 1371.97 1368.64 & 1569.69 1568.10
28-Apr-20 1708.10 1691.55, 1367.68 1357.98 & 1571.11 1559.27
27-Apr-20 1717.25 1714.95, 1381.36 1380.19 & 1582.96 1581.18
24-Apr-20 1727.25 1715.90, 1401.32 1391.59 & 1604.96 1589.09
23-Apr-20 1727.55 1736.25, 1399.49 1405.84 & 1601.78 1608.64
22-Apr-20 1702.65 1710.55, 1377.95 1388.28 & 1567.46 1576.44
21-Apr-20 1678.60 1682.05, 1328.16 1364.82 & 1548.00 1547.82

NOTE: Inbound deliveries to our Loomis and Brink’s vaults in Zurich, Singapore, London and Dublin have resumed and to ensure liquidity, investors can move their assets to our vaults from safe deposit box companies, bullion stored with banks or digital gold platforms or ETFs.

We have resumed buying non stored bullion again and are buying gold and silver coins and bars at attractive premiums. Please email us for shipping instructions to vaults: support@goldcore.com

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