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Gold Has Highest Finish in a Month as Global Market Jitters Persist

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Gold has highest finish in a month as global market jitters persist (MarketWatch.com)

Gold hits 3-week high as global growth fears lift safe-haven appeal (Reuters.com)

Asian shares shaky as U.S. bond yields hit lowest since late 2017 (Reuters.com)

U.S. Treasury yields hit lowest since late 2017, global stocks fall (Reuters.com)

Fed should consider holding more short-term bonds: Rosengren (Reuters.com)

Source: St Louis Fed

A genuinely scary moment for markets (MoneyWeek.com)

The Staggering Amount Of Gold & Silver Investment Since The 2008 Financial Crisis (Twitter.com)

What an Inverted Yield Curve means to the market (Youtube.com)

Over $10 Trillion In Debt Now Has A Negative Yield (ZeroHedge.com)

The Gold Trade Note Has Been Introduced, The [CB] Is On The Chopping Block:Jim Willie (Youtube.com)

Marc Faber – Huge Asset Bubble Will Be Deflated (Youtube.com)

20 Days Left to Find Buying Opportunities in Gold (TheTechnicalTraders.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

25 Mar: USD 1,319.35, GBP 1001.39 & EUR 1,165.82 per ounce
22 Mar: USD 1,311.10, GBP 998.80 & EUR 1,159.41 per ounce
21 Mar: USD 1,317.30, GBP 1002.99 & EUR 1,155.80 per ounce
20 Mar: USD 1,303.00, GBP 985.07 & EUR 1,147.81 per ounce
19 Mar: USD 1,308.35, GBP 985.06 & EUR 1,152.53 per ounce
18 Mar: USD 1,305.35, GBP 986.19 & EUR 1,150.01 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

25 Mar: USD 15.52, GBP 11.77 & EUR 13.72 per ounce
22 Mar: USD 15.46, GBP 11.75 & EUR 13.68 per ounce
21 Mar: USD 15.54, GBP 11.85 & EUR 13.64 per ounce
20 Mar: USD 15.32, GBP 11.58 & EUR 13.49 per ounce
19 Mar: USD 15.41, GBP 11.61 & EUR 13.57 per ounce
18 Mar: USD 15.38, GBP 11.60 & EUR 13.54 per ounce

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