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Gold and Silver Setup Today vs. 2008 Means Breakout Coming

Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Gold prices edge up as Fed chair’s speech weighs on US dollar (Reuters.com)

Hedge Funds Kept Betting Against Gold Even as Prices Began Rally (Bloomberg.com)

Mexico, U.S. likely ‘hours’ away from agreement on NAFTA: minister (Reuters.com)

Gold traders see price floor amid rising open-interest in options (Reuters.com)

Gold falls 12% during the last four months; but may bounce back later this year (ScrapRegister.com)

Source: SRSRocco

Gold and Silver Setup Today vs. 2008 Means Breakout Coming (SRSRoccoReport.com)

Revolution and major economic pain coming but we have a prosperous economic future – Mauldin (MauldinEconomics.com)

Another inflation gauge is set to enter the red zone, but no worries at the Fed (MarketWatch.com)

Russia is buying lots of gold to shield it from sanctions (CNN.com)

CNN Video: Russian banker Andrey Kostin responds to sanctions (CNN.com)


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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

24 Aug: USD 1,189.95, GBP 928.76 & EUR 1,029.43 per ounce
23 Aug: USD 1,187.30, GBP 923.24 & EUR 1,027.61 per ounce
22 Aug: USD 1,196.85, GBP 928.25 & EUR 1,032.88 per ounce
21 Aug: USD 1,194.10, GBP 931.28 & EUR 1,036.12 per ounce
20 Aug: USD 1,188.75, GBP 933.29 & EUR 1,042.41 per ounce
17 Aug: USD 1,176.70, GBP 925.59 & EUR 1,032.79 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

24 Aug: USD 14.62, GBP 11.37 & EUR 12.63 per ounce
23 Aug: USD 14.63, GBP 11.34 & EUR 12.62 per ounce
22 Aug: USD 14.81, GBP 11.49 & EUR 12.77 per ounce
21 Aug: USD 14.78, GBP 11.52 & EUR 12.83 per ounce
20 Aug: USD 14.76, GBP 11.57 & EUR 12.93 per ounce
17 Aug: USD 14.66, GBP 11.54 & EUR 12.87 per ounce

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