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Gold Surges In Aussie Dollars as Aussie Property Market Declines Sharply

News and Commentary

Gold extends losing streak, Jan. holdings in gold-backed ETFs reach their highest level since 2013 (MarketWatch.com)

Gold slips as dollar gains, investors eye trade talks (CNBC.com)

Aussie tanks on central bank rate view; U.S. dollar firm (Reuters.com)

Argentine CB buys a total of $75M in two interventions ($835M so far this year) (Reuters.com)

ECB to probe 100 banks’ cash strength in new stress tests (RTE.ie)

Maduro sold 40% of Venezuela’s gold last year amid cash crunch (Bloomberg.com)

Wall Street Veteran Says U.S.-China Deal Will Be Sell Trigger (Bloomberg.com)

4 Remarkable Charts Plus A Look At Gold (KingWorldNews.com)

Do bullish gold investors now have reason to worry? (MarketWatch.com)

How A U.S. Nuclear Strike Works (ZeroHedge.com)

It “Haunts My Life”: Americans Over-60 Owe $86 Billion In Student Loan Debt They Can’t Discharge In Bankruptcy (ZeroHedge.com)

Is France Mortgaging Its Gold Stock? (PolitiqueMagazine.fr)

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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

06 Feb: USD 1,313.35, GBP 1013.51 & EUR 1,152.86 per ounce
05 Feb: USD 1,314.00, GBP 1009.15 & EUR 1,150.67 per ounce
04 Feb: USD 1,311.00, GBP 1004.36 & EUR 1,145.55 per ounce
01 Feb: USD 1,320.75, GBP 1008.54 & EUR 1,150.83 per ounce
31 Jan: USD 1,322.50, GBP 1006.95 & EUR 1,152.16 per ounce
30 Jan: USD 1,312.95, GBP 1002.04 & EUR 1,148.44 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

06 Feb: USD 15.73, GBP 12.15 & EUR 13.82 per ounce
05 Feb: USD 15.86, GBP 12.19 & EUR 13.89 per ounce
04 Feb: USD 15.74, GBP 12.05 & EUR 13.75 per ounce
01 Feb: USD 16.01, GBP 12.26 & EUR 13.96 per ounce
31 Jan: USD 16.07, GBP 12.24 & EUR 13.99 per ounce
30 Jan: USD 15.91, GBP 12.15 & EUR 13.92 per ounce

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