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Silver Guru Video: “The End of Empire and End of Fiat Currencies”

– “Every fiat currency in history has failed and this one is failing” warns Silver Guru – “I do not think we can go another 5 years” … I am looking for this to happen “between 2020 and 2022” says David Morgan – We could move to a “cryptocurrency type of situation that is government […]


Silver Is ‘Undervalued’ Relative to Stocks, Bonds, Gold – GoldCore

– Silver is ‘undervalued’ relative to stocks, bonds and gold: GoldCore – Silver at $14/oz is cheap relative to gold with gold-silver ratio over 85 – Silver drops to 32-month lows prompting sellout of Silver Eagle coins at U.S. Mint – U.S. Mint said “recent increased demand” prompted a “temporary sell out” of its American […]


We Are In “Never Never Land” Accounting As U.S. Government Is “Missing” $21 Trillion

– The U.S. government is “missing” $21 trillion between the Department of Defence (DOD) and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) – Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, predicts the global financial system “will take some big hits before the end of the year” (see video below) – They can publish […]


This Week’s Golden Nuggets – BOE Warns Of UK House Price Crash

News, Market Updates, Charts and Videos You May Have Missed Here is our Friday digest of the important news, market updates, charts and videos we were informed by this week. We felt it important to do a video update which considers the risks that Brexit poses to the London property market. This is a very […]


Video: BREXIT To Contribute To London Property Bubble Bursting

– Brexit in conjunction with severe price unaffordability, rising interest rates and global economic uncertainty is leading to sharp price falls in London home prices – London home prices have fallen five months in a row with property prices more than 7% lower in 12 months in some areas –  The Economist has done research which suggests that London house prices are 50% overvalued and […]


Australia’s Banking System May Be The “Bloody Big Butterfly” Which Triggers Next “Financial Storm”

by Nick Hubble of Capital & Conflict We’re edging ever closer to the financial crisis I’ve been investigating since 2012. I moved to four different cities in Australia to conduct my research, interviewing mortgage brokers and former bankers over four years.  Source: Australian Financial Review Over the last few months, a Royal Commission has exposed what […]


Ten Years Since Lehman: Biggest Driver of 2008 Financial Crisis Has Only Got Worse

by John Stepek of Money Week – The “Lehman moment”… could it happen again? – The finance industry is infested with moral hazard – Even more moral hazard today sowing seeds of next crisis – “Next crisis will not look the same as the 2008 crisis” Protestors hold signs behind Richard Fuld, Chairman and Chief […]


London Property: Here Comes the Crash

by Bloomberg News – Jitters surrounding London property are finally starting to show up in home prices – Brexit uncertainty, rising interest rates, higher sales tax and stretched affordability – Islington suffered the biggest declines, with home prices falling 7.8 pct in 12 months as per official data – Surveys have shown declines for several […]


This Week’s Golden Nuggets

News, Market Updates, Charts and Videos You May Have Missed Here is our Friday digest of the important news, market updates, charts and videos we covered this week. The crisis in emerging markets deepened this week with currencies around the world collapsing in value and gold reaching new record highs in these fiat currencies. Equity […]


Gold Remains An “Excellent Way to Hedge” for Longer Term – BNP Interview

– “Why hedge because everything is going straight up”? – Now “is exactly the time when should hedge” as volatility in U.S. markets is low – “September is the most dangerous month of the year for equities” – Gold is an “excellent way to hedge for the longer term against the possibility that both equities and […]


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