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Market Updates Global Debt Time Bomb Surges To Nearly $250,000,000,000,000 – GoldCore Video “Biggest Bubble in the History of Mankind” Is “Going To Burst” – Ron Paul Collusion between Government, Regulators & Two Bailed-Out UK Banks Trump, Russia, Brexit and the Demand For Gold and Silver – GoldCore  Interview   Videos of the Week   […]


Financial Terrorism In The UK – Collusion between Government, Regulators & Two Bailed-Out UK Banks

Scottish businessman, Neil Mitchell has waged a long battle for justice for UK victims of RBS, the UK taxpayer owned bank that was found to have forced viable businesses into bankruptcy. Mitchell suspects the bank may have also practiced such tactics in America and he tells the Keiser Report about this and how he is taking […]


“Biggest Bubble in the History of Mankind” Is “Going To Burst” – Ron Paul

by Keris Lahiff via CNBC This market is in the “biggest bubble in the history of mankind,”  Ron Paul told CNBC’s “Futures Now” last Thursday. Access CNBC video here “I see trouble ahead, and it originates with too much debt, too much spending,” Paul said. Paul belongs to the Libertarian Party, a faction that emphasizes constrained […]


Global Debt Time Bomb Surges To Nearly $250,000,000,000,000 – GoldCore Video

– Global debt time bomb surges to nearly a ‘Quarter Quadrillion’ ($250T) – “The $247 trillion global debt bomb”  Washington Post warn  – Debt surges globally and global debt is up almost $150 trillion in just 15 years according to analysis by the Institute of International Finance – Debt expansion appears to be accelerating and in […]


Trump, Russia, Brexit and the Demand For Gold and Silver – GoldCore Video Interview

– Trump, Russia and Brexit and resulting impact on gold and silver coin and bar demand – Global demand for gold and silver is mixed but overall sentiment is poor and depressed – U.S. bullion demand fell, UK demand lackluster despite Brexit, German demand is strong – Which nations are buying gold? China, Russia & Asian […]


Trump Is Serious About A Global Trade War

by John Stepek of Money Week If you hadn’t realised by now, Donald Trump is serious The copper price is sliding. Chinese stocks are sliding. Oil tanked by 7% at one point yesterday. It does all rather suggest that maybe investors are really starting to worry about the burgeoning global trade war, and its impact […]


Ponzi Economy Will Lead To Next Global Financial Crisis

Hallmark of an Economic Ponzi Scheme by John Hussman of Hussman Funds Consider two economic systems. In one, consumers work for employers to produce products and services. The employees are paid wages and salaries, and business owners earn profits. They use much of that income to purchase the goods and services produced by the economy. […]


World Cup Is 200 Ounces Of Gold Worth £140,000 – 30% Less Than Harry Kane’s Weekly Wage

– World Cup weighs nearly 200 ounces (6.17 kilos) and is 18 Karat or 75% pure gold – World Cup’s value is just £140,000 at today’s depressed prices – 30% less than England’s Harry Kane’s weekly wage of £200,000 – World Cup fever takes over England ahead of semi final tonight – World Cup’s true […]


Chaotic Brexit More Likely: Risk To London, While Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris and Dublin Benefit

– “Chaotic” Brexit more likely after Davis, Johnson resignations from UK government – London’s rivals are slowly carving chunks out of its financial services business – UK’s Brexit options are increasingly unappealing which may pressure the pound – Already Frankfurt, Paris, Luxembourg and Dublin seeing more foreign direct investment and financial services jobs – Risk of “death […]


VIDEO: Italy €2.4 Trillion Debt To Create Eurozone Contagion and Global Debt Crisis?

– Italy is EU’s ticking timebomb as debt nears €2.4 trillion – Italy’s GDP is just €1.85 trillion; National debt is 132% of economy – Italy is politically dysfunctional at best of times; Now has populist left / right wing government – National debt owed to other EU nations alone is 25% of its GDP – Italy’s […]


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