Daily Market Update

60 Charts For The (Last Few Remaining) Gold Bulls

– A compendium of some of the most compelling charts and important conclusions of In Gold We Trust 2018

– Recession risk, de-dollarization, general macro-topics and of course gold

– Risk/reward-profile for gold is very good after capitulation selling & CoT report show the best setup in 17 years

– The current technical setup for the gold price is positive


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News and Commentary

Gold dips as dollar firms after China eases policy (Reuters.com)

Asia Stocks Fall, Yuan Dips as PBOC Eases Policy (Bloomberg.com)

Head of Interpol resigns as China says it’s investigating him for unspecified crimes (MarketWatch.com)

Canadian billionaire investor Sprott says gold forecasters have ‘No friggin’ idea (StockHead.com)

Gold slips as dollar gains after China eases policy (CNBC.com)

Why Gold Prices May Have Already Bottomed (MarketWatch.com)

Why you should be glad that house prices are falling in “real” terms (MoneyWeek.com)

‘Potentially lethal combination’ between hot jobs market and trade tensions could unleash inflation- Roach warns (CNBC.com)

South Africa’s 3 largest gold miners lost $543 million altogether last year (GATA.org)

Pure, edible gold ice cream (Youtube.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

05 Oct: USD 1,201.10, GBP 921.48 & EUR 1,045.08 per ounce
04 Oct: USD 1,199.45, GBP 925.02 & EUR 1,043.28 per ounce
03 Oct: USD 1,203.50, GBP 925.73 & EUR 1,040.55 per ounce
02 Oct: USD 1,192.65, GBP 919.77 & EUR 1,035.46 per ounce
01 Oct: USD 1,185.30, GBP 907.94 & EUR 1,021.02 per ounce
28 Sep: USD 1,183.50, GBP 906.44 & EUR 1,020.41 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

05 Oct: USD 14.64, GBP 11.23 & EUR 12.73 per ounce
04 Oct: USD 14.63, GBP 11.27 & EUR 12.72 per ounce
03 Oct: USD 14.74, GBP 11.36 & EUR 12.75 per ounce
02 Oct: USD 14.51, GBP 11.20 & EUR 12.59 per ounce
01 Oct: USD 14.55, GBP 11.16 & EUR 12.53 per ounce
28 Sep: USD 14.31, GBP 10.97 & EUR 12.35 per ounce

Recent Market Updates

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