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Buy Gold as Basel III Means “Central Banks and Banks Are Going To Be Buying Gold”

Buy Gold as Basel III Means “Central Banks and Banks Are Going To Be Buying Gold”

– “Basel III rules (on April 1st) are basically making gold more attractive” as they have a “focus on financial soundness” and more “central banks and banks are going to be buying gold”
– The financial expert and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Housing has long been lukewarm on gold, but not any longer
“You are seeing more and more people become aware of gold and want gold”
– “The financial asset bubble game is over, and now we want real things. . . . To me, gold is a core position”
– Federal accounting in the U.S. is “now meaningless & frightening”
– “The world is choking on debt …”

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News and Commentary

Gold Maintains Gains As Brexit Uncertainty Continues (FXStreet.com)

UK MPs reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal AGAIN (BBC.co.uk)

Gold gains as dollar wilts on mixed CPI data; Brexit vote eyed (Reuters.com)

Stocks, sterling fall as Brexit optimism evaporates (Reuters.com)

EU court shields ECB from disclosing key document in Greek crisis (Reuters.com)

Gold ends higher in delayed settlement; CME blames ‘technical issue’ for late finish (MarketWatch.com)

Gundlach Says “We Are In A Bear Market”, S&P Will Take Out December Lows In 2019 (CNBC.com)

Big banks are totally reliant on stock buybacks, and that could be a problem (CNBC.com)

Retirement Isn’t Happening as Social Security Is Not Enough – Mauldin (MauldinEconomics.com)

Sales of gold and silver coins should not be taxed – Steve Forbes (Forbes.com)

China Scrambles To Defuse $6 Trillion “Hidden Debt Bomb” With “Titanic Credit Risk” (ZeroHedge.com)

Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

12 Mar: USD 1,296.95, GBP 986.85 & EUR 1,150.78 per ounce
11 Mar: USD 1,296.35, GBP 998.32 & EUR 1,153.49 per ounce
08 Mar: USD 1,294.10, GBP 989.34 & EUR 1,153.95 per ounce
07 Mar: USD 1,285.30, GBP 921.20 & EUR 1,144.17 per ounce
06 Mar: USD 1,285.55, GBP 978.82 & EUR 1,136.82 per ounce
05 Mar: USD 1,285.00, GBP 975.19 & EUR 1,134.78 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

12 Mar: USD 15.44, GBP 11.83 & EUR 13.72 per ounce
11 Mar: USD 15.29, GBP 11.74 & EUR 13.60 per ounce
08 Mar: USD 15.11, GBP 11.56 & EUR 13.48 per ounce
07 Mar: USD 15.07, GBP 11.47 & EUR 13.33 per ounce
06 Mar: USD 15.09, GBP 11.49 & EUR 13.36 per ounce
05 Mar: USD 15.11, GBP 11.47 & EUR 13.33 per ounce

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