Davos: David Attenborough Warns We Are Damaging The World ‘Beyond Repair’

– David Attenborough warns Davos summit – ‘The Garden of Eden is no more’
– “If we wreck the natural world, we wreck ourselves” warns Attenborough
– If we destroy our environment, it will badly impact our economies and markets
– We must put the environment at the heart of our financial and monetary systems
– “Future proof” our economies, our currencies, our finances & our pensions with gold
– Hope for the best but be prepared and insure against the worst

Editors note

The world faces some very serious ecological challenges due to the pollution, destruction and over consumption of our natural resources. Climate change is just one of the challenges facing us, but tends to be focused on almost exclusively alas –  to the detriment of many other serious environmental risks.

There is much cognitive dissonance between the increasingly alarming warnings that we are damaging the world ‘beyond repair’ and the complete complacency of investors and market participants.

There is a complete failure to ‘join the dots’ between environmental challenges of today and how they may impact our economies, markets and indeed our investments and already vulnerable pensions.

The markets and our economies are completely dependent on our planet’s ecology. If the environment is destroyed so to will be our societies and economies and companies and governments as we know them today will also be impacted and many will disappear with obvious ramifications for the outlook for stock and bond markets.

The notion that our global economy and financial markets including frothy risk assets such as stock and bond markets would not be impacted by these serious environmental risks is irrational and complacent in the extreme. Our economies and markets are obviously dependent on our planet.

It seems increasingly likely that the severe environmental challenges of today will badly impact our economies and indeed financial markets.

Prudent investors will take stock of the risks, take a long term view and diversify into physical gold and silver. Both have protected people from societal and economic dislocations throughout history.

Precious metals in coin and bar form (taken insured delivery of or in allocated and segregated storage) remain vital  financial insurance and hedges against various worst case scenarios such as financial and currency crashes, global pandemics such as ebola, world wars, natural disasters such as earthquakes, super volcanoes, bee colony collapse disorder and other ecological disasters.

We hope and believe that humanity will step back from the brink. But we also believe that we should “future proof” our currencies, our economies and our finances with physical gold. Lets hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.


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News and Commentary

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