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Exclusive Offer: Secure Gold and Silver Storage In Zurich For Free For Six Months

Own actual bullion coins and bars and avoid ETF and Digital or ‘.com’ gold and silver. Offers ends this Thursday, April 18

Given the many risks of today, we believe precious metal buyers should own gold and silver coins and bars in at least two jurisdictions and avoid digital and ETF gold. For three more days, we are providing exclusively to our clients a valuable storage offer in what we believe are the safest vaults in the safest and most liquid jurisdiction in the world – Zurich, Switzerland.

Secure Storage In Zurich For Free For Six Months
Until this Thursday (April 18)
, when you invest the minimum amount of $€£ 10,000 (no maximum) in physical gold and or silver for storage in our Loomis vaults in Zurich, Switzerland, you will pay zero storage fees for the first six months from the date of your purchases. This applies to all investments for Secure Storage in Zurich.

All gold and silver is stored in professionally managed, specialist, high security precious metals vaults. In addition to this gold and silver stored in GoldCore Secure Storage is stored on a fully allocated and fully segregated basis – the safest way to store precious metals – ensuring liquidity, competitive pricing and ownership.

Complimentary Silver Bullion Coin
In addition to the 6 months’ worth of free Secure Storage we also appreciate that our clients enjoy seeing and holding their precious metals and that’s why we will also be delivering to you fully insured, a freshly minted, 2019, one ounce, legal tender, silver bullion coin. You can choose between two of the world’s most popular silver coins:  the 2019 American Silver Eagle or the beautifully minted 2019 British Silver Britannia.

Complimentary Book
Because our mission is to ensure that our clients and community are kept informed and protected, each order also comes with a copy of “The New Case for Gold”, the fascinating and insightful book by gold expert and New York Times Best Selling author Jim Rickards.

More information about the offer can be accessed here and if you wish to avail of the offer simply wire funds and transact online or on the phone by close of business this Thursday (1700, April 18). Mention the Exclusive Offer code ‘offermarch2019’ on the phone or by email – support@goldcore.com

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News and Commentary

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Gold logs lowest finish in over a week (MarketWatch.com)

Asia stocks cling to 9 month high on China hopes, Wall Street hit by earnings (Reuters.com)

Notre-Dame smolders as investigation begins (Reuters.com)

Fed should ‘communicate comfort’ with slightly higher inflation: Evans (Reuters.com)  

Exclusive Offer Information Here – Offer Ends This Thursday (April 18)

Germans hoard more gold than the Bundesbank has in its vaults (Twitter.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

15 Apr: USD 1,286.75, GBP 982.43 & EUR 1,137.23 per ounce
12 Apr: USD 1,296.15, GBP 991.68 & EUR 1,146.06 per ounce
11 Apr: USD 1,304.65, GBP 997.01 & EUR 1,152.43 per ounce
10 Apr1: USD 1,304.80, GBP 998.04 & EUR 1,157.44 per ounce
09 Apr: USD 1,303.00, GBP 995.13 & EUR 1,155.00 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

15 Apr: USD 14.93, GBP 11.39 & EUR 13.20 per ounce
12 Apr: USD 15.06, GBP 11.51 & EUR 13.31 per ounce
11 Apr: USD 15.25, GBP 11.66 & EUR 13.53 per ounce
10 Apr: USD 15.25, GBP 11.66 & EUR 13.53 per ounce
09 Apr: USD 15.25, GBP 11.66 & EUR 13.53 per ounce

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Until April 18, when you purchase the minimum amount of 10,000 ($€£) in physical gold and or silver, you receive complimentary Storage In Zurich For 6 Months

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