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Gold Falls Despite President of the United States Attacking “Fail Again” Federal Reserve

Gold sees selling of gold futures in electronic trading on NY Globex despite a bullish
Fed rate cut and even more bullish attack by President Trump on the Federal Reserve.
Those who have alleged that gold is being manipulated lower believe that this suggests
that despite the indictment of JP Morgan, gold is still being manipulated lower.

This creates opportunities for long term value buyers who continue to
accumulate on price weakness, real or artificial


Trump: Powell and the Federal Reserve Fail Again. No “guts,” no sense, no vision! A terrible communicator! 

Federal prosecutors, commodity regulators broaden manipulation probe beyond precious metals

JP Morgan’s ‘spoofing’ isn’t the big manipulation GATA has pursued, Official manipulation is

BIS gold swaps rose in August but still lower than last year

Gold edges lower after Fed delivers mixed signals

Gold ends higher, heads lower in electronic trade after Fed cuts key interest rate

Powell says it’s possible the Fed will have to resume balance sheet growth

Geopolitical uncertainty pushing investors into gold: Commodities specialist (video)

Gold Prices (LBMA – USD, GBP & EUR – AM/ PM Fix)

18-Sep-19 1502.20 1503.50, 1206.27 1204.90 & 1360.39 1359.92
17-Sep-19 1499.30 1502.10, 1208.89 1207.24 & 1361.51 1360.45
16-Sep-19 1502.05 1497.20, 1207.35 1203.30 & 1357.25 1359.46
13-Sep-19 1506.30 1503.10, 1209.41 1208.19 & 1356.88 1358.35
12-Sep-19 1502.95 1515.20, 1219.94 1227.46 & 1362.88 1373.53
11-Sep-19 1493.65 1490.65, 1208.21 1209.07 & 1354.74 1355.90
10-Sep-19 1494.60 1498.25, 1211.52 1211.34 & 1353.51 1357.11
09-Sep-19 1509.95 1509.20, 1223.81 1220.34 & 1368.62 1364.92
06-Sep-19 1504.95 1523.70, 1223.52 1237.09 & 1363.94 1378.49

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Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director


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