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This week we brought you a series of short videos from an interview between Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore.com, and commodities trading expert Carley Garner.

We also broke the news regarding the Russian central bank’s accelerated diversification out of the U.S. dollar and into gold.

The “scoop” quickly went mini-viral on Zerohedge and on many investment and gold websites and consequently on social media. Bloomberg and other mainstream media covered the important story the following day.

We have been getting some great feedback on our recently released Jim Rogers interview, which now has over 26,000 views, so why not check out some of our recent interviews this weekend.

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Market Updates and News This Week

Russia Buys 800,000 Ounces Of Gold In July

Bears Pile Into Gold – Exactly The Wrong Time?

Banks Now Long Gold, Short Dollar. What Do They Know?

Chinese, Asian and European ETF Investors Buy Gold As US Sells

Gold Gains on Bargain Hunting; U.S.-China Trade Talks In Focus

It’s Time for Contrarians to Get Bullish on Gold


Charts This Week

Source: Bloomberg


Source: ZeroHedge


Source: Bloomberg


News and Commentary

Gold steady, but rate hike views could dampen appeal (Reuters.com)

U.S., Asia stocks fall after U.S.-China trade talks end without progress (Reuters.com)

U.S. New-Home Sales Fall to Nine-Month Low While Supply Rises (Bloomberg.com)

Mortgage rates hit a four-month low as housing market stagnates (MarketWatch.com)

IHS Markit indexes signal softer growth in August in potential hint (MarketWatch.com)

Mortgage rates hit a four-month low as housing market stagnates (MarketWatch.com)

Source: SrsRoccoReport

U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Jump In August On Lower Prices (SrsRoccoReport.com)

Here’s who owns a record $21.21 trillion of U.S. debt (MarketWatch.com)

Stock Market’s Latest Sell Signal Has Happened Only 5 Previous Times Since 1895 (MarketWatch.com)

Read Between The Lines & Global Leaders Are Telling Us Exactly What Is Coming (TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com)

Services Rendered by Jeff Thomas (InternationalMan.com)

5 ways Trump could upend the strong dollar trend, say ING strategists (MarketWatch.com)

What’s a portfolio, and how do you build one? (MoneyWeek.com)


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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

23 Aug: USD 1,187.30, GBP 923.24 & EUR 1,027.61 per ounce
22 Aug: USD 1,196.85, GBP 928.25 & EUR 1,032.88 per ounce
21 Aug: USD 1,194.10, GBP 931.28 & EUR 1,036.12 per ounce
20 Aug: USD 1,188.75, GBP 933.29 & EUR 1,042.41 per ounce
17 Aug: USD 1,176.70, GBP 925.59 & EUR 1,032.79 per ounce
16 Aug: USD 1,179.65, GBP 928.38 & EUR 1,037.74 per ounce
15 Aug: USD 1,186.70, GBP 933.10 & EUR 1,047.74 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

23 Aug: USD 14.63, GBP 11.34 & EUR 12.62 per ounce
22 Aug: USD 14.81, GBP 11.49 & EUR 12.77 per ounce
21 Aug: USD 14.78, GBP 11.52 & EUR 12.83 per ounce
20 Aug: USD 14.76, GBP 11.57 & EUR 12.93 per ounce
17 Aug: USD 14.66, GBP 11.54 & EUR 12.87 per ounce
16 Aug: USD 14.61, GBP 11.51 & EUR 12.85 per ounce
15 Aug: USD 14.83, GBP 11.66 & EUR 13.10 per ounce

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