Important Notice Regarding Our Services At This Time Of Unprecedented Demand

GoldCore remain open for business and we like most mints,
refineries and dealers continue to experience record demand.

In light of the unprecedented demand for precious metals and significant disruptions to logistical networks as borders and nations are closed in national lock-downs, we have taken the following decisions and actions:

◆ All new order deliveries will be held in our secure vaults and delivered as soon as is feasible when transport systems return to normal. There may be delays in the delivery of existing orders
◆ Our minimum orders have been increased to $5,000
◆ Maximum credit card transactions have been reduced to $10,000
◆ Silver bullion coins are currently unavailable for delivery or storage.
Clients may purchase silver bars (100 oz and 1,000 oz) in Secure Storage and switch to silver coins when they become available again. Bar availability is becoming limited
◆ Online trading may be suspended in the coming days and be replaced by  clients having to trade on the phone
◆ We will only be buying coins and bars from clients who have their assets stored in GoldCore Secure Storage with us for the foreseeable future
◆ Globally premiums on gold and silver coins and bars are set to increase on the buy and sell side
◆ We will buy silver bullion coins at 10% over spot and silver bars (100 oz) at 7% over spot and silver bars (1,000 oz) at spot. This is subsequent to change in the coming days.

Our offices have been closed to visitors since last week but our team are working hard and are here to assist you with your precious metal needs.

We are sorry that we have had to introduce these measures and we hope that they are short term. They are due to significant demand and increasing logistical, financial and systemic challenges in the EU and globally that are beyond our control.

On behalf of all the staff of GoldCore and myself, we wish you and your families good health in these trying days.

Best regards,

Stephen Flood
GoldCore CEO

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16-Mar-20 1504.65 1487.70, 1223.28 1210.54 & 1346.36 1338.93
13-Mar-20 1588.15 1562.80, 1258.61 1248.83 & 1422.66 1407.30
12-Mar-20 1636.65 1570.70, 1284.28 1246.35 & 1457.11 1410.96
11-Mar-20 1662.50 1653.75, 1284.78 1279.01 & 1468.65 1462.25
10-Mar-20 1657.40 1655.70, 1269.40 1273.23 & 1460.00 1455.86
09-Mar-20 1676.60 1672.50, 1280.75 1272.94 & 1469.04 1462.10
06-Mar-20 1687.00 1683.65, 1296.80 1290.85 & 1490.13 1484.31
05-Mar-20 1647.45 1659.60, 1274.47 1284.70 & 1474.63 1482.69
04-Mar-20 1644.80 1641.85, 1286.73 1281.63 & 1475.06 1477.83
03-Mar-20 1599.05 1615.50, 1249.98 1260.25 & 1438.03 1446.03

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Executive Director


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