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Hope For Best In 2019 But Prepare For Worst by Increased Allocations to Gold and Silver – Outlook 2019 Podcast

Prepare For Global Debt Bubble Collapse with Gold and Silver (Outlook 2019 Podcast)

– Risk assets and property to under-perform and precious metals to outperform (Outlook 2019 Podcast)
– Hope for best but be prepared for the worst by increased allocations to cash, silver and gold
– Market, economic and political uncertainty of 2018 continue and deepen
– Investors lulled into a false sense of security by politicians and assorted financial “experts2
– Much “cheer leading” of the “economic recovery” narrative and by extension markets –  particularly property and stock markets

– Trade wars, currency wars, Brexit, Italexit, EU contagion are real risks in 2019
– Systemic risks posed by Deutsche Bank, Italian/ Irish etc. banks and indeed nations such as Italy, UK, US and the global debt bubble

In the 10th Episode of The Goldnomics Podcast, GoldCore Founder Mark O’Byrne and GoldCore CEO Stephen Flood talk to with Dave Russell as they look forward to 2019 and discuss what might be in store for financial markets if the trends from 2018 continue.

Listen to the full episode or skip directly to one of the following discussion points:

00:57 – What has 2019 got in store for us and might there be a a global debt bubble collapse this year?

03:41 – Rising global debt level is unsustainable and several indicators point to a potential debt bubble collapse in 2019.

05:20 – Interest rate outlook for the next 12 months.

08:45 – Global debt level nears a quarter of a quadrillion ($250 trillion), 320% of total world output.

10:31 – Humongous debt and associated risks: what role are central banks playing?

11:05 – The end of quantitative easing: Any implication on the stock market?

12:30 – Interest rate hike in 2019: Are big banks insulated?

13:41 – Deutsch Bank: A potential cause of another financial liquidity crisis?

17:40 – Ramifications of a no-deal Brexit.

22:32 – Will a no-deal Brexit work out well for the UK in the medium/long term?

24:27 – No-deal Brexit and Bail-Ins: Should depositors and investors be concerned?

26:30 – How likely is it that impeachment proceedings will be instituted against Donald Trump in 2019?

31:30 – How good of a strategist is Donald Trump?

32:41 – Inequality and political events in USA: A peep through the lens of The Arc of Inequality.

36:23 – Instability, inequality and The Arc of Inequality: Looking at the role of populist leaders vs. central banks.

38:17 – Instability and inequality: Looking at the role of technological advancement and oligopolists.

40:51 – Globalization and progress in the east (Asia, India and China, etc.): A cause of reduced standard of living in the western world?

41:36 – De-dollarization of the global economy likely to continue in 2019.

45:13 – US to find it more difficult to fund budget deficits in future.

46:42 – Beyond the doom and gloom: where’s the bright spots out there?

49:50 – Asset allocation: How much should be invested in gold?

51:20 – Stock market advice from “experts”: Any need to be cautious?

52:41 – The implications of recent events for silver in 2019.

55:02 – Cryptocurrency: Outlook for Bitcoin in 2019.

58:01 – Silver vs. Bitcoin: Silver is a better investment option?

59:14 – Potential global financial crisis in 2019: what would be the main catalyst?

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News and Commentary

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Source: Bloomberg

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Troubled German lender Deutsche Bank can survive without a merger or a taxpayer bailout, chairman insists (ThisIsMoney.co.uk)


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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

31 Dec: USD 1,281.65, GBP 1,005.45 & EUR 1,120.03 per ounce
28 Dec: USD 1,277.25, GBP 1,009.16 & EUR 1,114.91 per ounce
27 Dec: USD 1,271.10, GBP 1,006.20 & EUR 1,115.26 per ounce
24 Dec: USD 1,261.25, GBP 996.26 & EUR 1,105.23 per ounce
21 Dec: USD 1,257.60, GBP 993.76 & EUR 1,101.53 per ounce
20 Dec: USD 1,255.00, GBP 988.69 & EUR 1,093.73 per ounce
19 Dec: USD 1,248.60, GBP 986.77 & EUR 1,094.65 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

31 Dec: USD 15.47, GBP 12.11 & EUR 13.51 per ounce
28 Dec: USD 15.30, GBP 12.05 & EUR 13.34 per ounce
27 Dec: USD 15.06, GBP 11.92 & EUR 13.22 per ounce
24 Dec: USD 14.68, GBP 11.60 & EUR 12.88 per ounce
21 Dec: USD 14.69, GBP 11.59 & EUR 12.86 per ounce
20 Dec: USD 14.77, GBP 11.64 & EUR 12.88 per ounce
19 Dec: USD 14.65, GBP 11.58 & EUR 12.84 per ounce

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