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Americans “Looted” Nazi Gold – Reminder of Gold’s Role in Times of Crisis

– Documents uncovered in Washington show American’s seized Nazi gold in last days of war – Himmler stashed emergency fund of gold and currencies in post office of small Eastern town to protect from bombing of Berlin – Loot quickly shipped to Frankfurt where trail ends – Story shows strategic importance of gold in times […]


U.S. State Finances Rely On “Faulty Practices” – Ex Fed Chairman

– U.S. state budgets rely on “faulty practices” – Volcker – Shoddy budget practices push costs to future generations – Faulty budget practices lead to poor policy making – “Problems hidden by lack of truth and integrity” – Volcker – No common definition of balanced budget allows for gimmicks The highly regarded former chairman of […]


CEOs of Deutsche Bank “Shown Door” – Trouble Brewing at World’s Largest Holder of Derivatives?

– Deutsche co-CEOs announce “resignation” nine months before their contracts expire – Only two weeks ago, CEO Anshu Jain was given more power to reorganise the bank – Deutsche have been engaged in money laundering, tax evasion, derivative and manipulation scandals – Deutsche is world’s largest  holder of financial weapons of mass destruction (FWMD) – […]


Gold At $64,000 – Bloomberg’s ‘China Gold Price’

– Bloomberg Intelligence suggest gold-backed yuan see gold at $64,000 per ounce – “Chinese gold standard would need a rate 50 times bullion’s price” – As China-U.S. relations deteriorate, gold-backed yuan possible – Dollar and financial and monetary dominance of U.S. at risk – U.S. and China war of words continues to escalate – China […]


Bitcoin “Total Crypto Breakdown” Highlights Risks to Non-tangible Assets

– Bitcoin wallet app Blockchain suffers major security blunder – Poor tech sees multiple accounts being created using same address – Security lapses in electronic and digital currencies not uncommon – Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in infancy but are useful tools – Physical gold offers most secure form of wealth preservation, which claims to be […]


EU Gives Countries Two Months To Adopt Bail-In Law

– 11 countries face legal action if bail-in rules are not enacted within two months – Bail-in legislation aims at removing state responsibility when banks collapse – Rules place burden on creditors – among whom depositors are counted – Austria abolished bank deposit guarantee in April – “Bail-in regimes” coming globally The European Commission has […]


Greece Won’t “Bow to Blackmail” – Syriza Favours Using Drachma

– Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, Lagarde and Draghi in “emergency” meeting re Greece – Bankrupt Greece must find €1.6 billion to pay IMF in June – First instalment of €300 million due on Friday – Leaders of EU, IMF and ECB hold emergency summit in Brussels – 58% of Syriza membership in favour of returning to […]


Goldman Sachs Warns “Too Much Debt” Threatens World Economy

– Debt load of many countries is an economic risk – Ageing populations in developed world to put pressure on economies – Goldman proposes “creative” social policy to deal with looming crisis – Entire debt-based monetary system needs reform The debt burden – particularly in “developed” countries – along with ageing populations pose a risk […]


Soros Warns On “Threshold Of A Third World War” with China

– War “inevitable” if U.S. meddles in South China Sea – Global Times – Senior NATO official warns that “we’ll probably be at war this summer” – Soros warns of ‘New World Order’ and war with China – Soros warns could be “on the threshold of a Third World War” – Many countries in Pacific […]


Gold Bullion Is A “100% Guarantee from Legal and Political Risks” – Russia

– Gold is a “100% guarantee from legal and political risks” – Russia’s central bank buys another 300,000 ounces in April – Russia views its overseas assets as vulnerable – ‘De-dollarisation’ continues across Asia – Gold offers protection from growing risks today Russia’s central bank once again increased its gold holdings substantially in April. They […]


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