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China’s Total Gold Holdings Much Higher – Owns Gold In SAFE and CIC

– China revises up its stated gold reserves in bid for IMF membership and reserve currency status – China announces a 604 tonne increase in gold reserves – First public disclosure re reserves in since 2009 – China officially owns around 1,660 tonnes of gold reserves –  true total figure is likely much larger – […]


Global Precious Metal Roundtable – Greece, China, Manipulation, Interest Rates and Outlook

– Recent events in Greece have undermined trust  in the EU – Sentiment towards gold cannot get much worse – Increase in interest and demand for gold recently – Elephant in room is manipulated gold and silver market – Will sharp slowdown in China see fall or rise in gold demand? – Gold served its […]


‘Plan B’ Needed As Euro One Recession Away From Implosion – David McWilliams

– Euro is one recession away from implosion – David McWilliams – Mismanagement of euro “both laughable and terrifying” – “When economic negotiations stop making economic sense, you should begin to question the motives of the EU” – Germany is out of control – Successful British exit will be model for other countries – Euro […]


‘Black Swan’ Taleb Warns “Calm Before The Storm”

– Is the apparent calm of the West a signal of latent instability? – Increasing symptoms of instability in West as proposed by Nassim Taleb – Wider public and mainstream press believe “experts” have everything under control – Black Swan approaches and we may be experiencing “the calm before the storm”   Western countries are […]


Greeks Cannot Access Cash, Gold, Silver In Safety Deposit Boxes In Banks

– Greek capital controls also prevent access to contents of safe deposit boxes – Restrictions on safe deposit access doesn’t protect banking system unless contents confiscated – Readers should heed warnings by Marc Faber and Ian Spreadbury of Fidelity – Important to own assets outside banking system and not in bank safe deposit boxes – […]


Silver Bullion Demand High – Delivery Delays and Premiums Surge

– Silver imports into U.S. surge 33% – Silver Eagle demand very robust – Silver Eagles and Maples see 25% surge in premiums and shortages – Silver price falls over 3.8% on same day as U.S. Mint runs out of silver eagles – Total ETF Silver holdings remain robust – over 500 million ounces – […]


Bail-Ins Coming – Goldcore’s Mark O’ Byrne Interview About Financial Repression

– Governments move toward ever greater financial repression – Repression includes suppression of rates, capital controls, outlawing of cash and bail-ins – Finance ministers discuss cashless society, giving banks total control over public’s money – Bail-in legislation is at advanced stage internationally – Bail-ins coming to indebted western nations – question is when … – […]


Leveraged Chinese “Investors” Learning Painful Lesson

– Shanghai Composite has lost over 32% of its value in less than month – Investors selling on “panic sentiment” – Persistent intervention by government agencies has failed to support market – Market has doubled over past year while real economy struggles – Chinese Market had been boosted by participation of market-illiterate savers – May […]


Faber: “Wake Up, People Of The World! Greece Will Come To You …Very Soon”

– World is “over-indebted”, Mark Faber tells Bloomberg – “Defaults will follow or they will have to create very high inflation rates” – Greece will leave EU or Troika will take 50% “haircut” – Leaving EU may be Greece’s best option – Anti-Austerity groups in other countries will be bolstered by Greek defiance – may […]


Varexit – Greeks Sacrifice Euro Antagonist In Bid To Secure Deal

– Brave Greeks vote overwhelmingly against austerity – Varoufakis resigns to clear air for next phase of negotiations – We think a Greek debt deal is highly likely over the next few days – EU elites had hoped “yes” vote would force the replacement of Syriza with unelected technocratic experts – Syriza may nationalize banks […]


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