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Shanghai One Step Closer to Becoming World’s Leading Gold Hub

– Shanghai Gold Exchange one step closer to becoming the globe’s major gold hub – China tests system at Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) to establish yuan-denominated gold price fix – SGE opened last year allowing trade in physical gold as opposed to electronic futures contracts on COMEX – Yuan fix, which has broad regional support, […]


U.S. Fears a European “Lehman Brothers”

European complacency regarding Greek default and exit is high – Tett Narrative to reassure investors that markets have already priced in effects of Greek default U.S. Council on Economics is alarmed by risk being taken by European elites to bring Greece to heel Greek default would cause a new and very “unpredictable” paradigm – huge […]


JP Morgan Cornering Silver Market?

– Why is JP Morgan accumulating the biggest stockpile of physical silver in history? – Legendary silver analyst Ted Butler believes JP Morgan are in a position to corner silver market – JP Morgan may be holding as much as 350 million ounces of physical silver – JP Morgan realises the value of owning physical […]


U.S., UK GDP Fall Signals New Recessions – ZIRP to Continue

– U.S. first quarter GDP grew 0.2%, down from 2.2% last quarter – U.K. GDP for first quarter was 0.3%, last than half the previous quarter’s figure – Large inventory build up in the U.S. may mask deep recession – Zero percent interest policies (ZIRP) to continue despite suggestions to contrary – Global economy vulnerable […]


Ryanair Victim of EUR 4.5 Million Cyber Robbery

– Europe’s largest airline says $5 million (€4.5m) taken from bank accounts – Ryanair confirms hackers stole via Chinese bank – Cash siphoned from one of its bank accounts – Hackers transfer $5 million from a Ryanair dollar account to Chinese bank – Highlights growing risks of cyber-crime and lack of protection – Cyberattacks as […]


Gold Rises, Silver Surges – Greece, Ukraine, Russia Risks

– Gold rises over 2% while silver surges 4.4% – Speculators caught off guard as prices rose forcing them to cover their short positions – Concerns re defaults by Greece and Ukraine – Geopolitical risk of conflict in Middle East and with Russia remain – Price rises were accompanied by strong physical demand Precious metals […]


UK Economy A ‏’Timebomb’ – Will Explode After Election

– UK economy a ‏’timebomb’ and will explode after election – Albert Edwards – Telegraph warns of “Lehman Moment” stemming from possible election chaos – Currency traders view pound as being particularly vulnerable – Latest data shows UK poised to slip into deflation for the first time since 1960 – Polls place Labour and Tories […]


China To Quadruple Gold Reserves as IMF Seek Answers

– Enter the Dragon – China Stealthily Accumulated Massive Gold Hoard – IMF Seek Answers On China’s Mysterious Gold Reserves according to Bloomberg – Major demand issue and bullish support for gold rarely covered in mainstream – China may disclose its gold reserves by October in a bid to have the Yuan included in SDR […]


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