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Gold Flat On Week Despite Growing Risks

MARKET UPDATE Today’s AM LBMA Gold Price was USD 1,204.55, EUR 1,113.83 and GBP 801.86 per ounce. Yesterday’s AM LBMA Gold Price was USD 1,204.60, EUR 1,131.19 and GBP 811.40 per ounce. Gold fell 0.29 percent or $3.50 and closed at $1,199.00 an ounce on yesterday, while silver rose 0.18 percent or $0.03 closing at […]


Global and Dublin Property Bubble Fears

– “Renewed global property bubble” warned of by Financial Times – Research company MSCI says returns on property last year averaged 9.9% globally – “Best performance” since 2007 and fifth consecutive annual rise – Rents have not increased in line with asset appreciation – Speculators moving into more risky peripheral markets around the major hubs […]


Greece Default and Drachma By Month End?

– Greek government to withhold IMF payments according to the FT – Prime Minister Tsipras denies preparing for default according to Reuters – Government funds to run out by end of month – Default would likely lead to “Grexit” and return to drachma – EU may not withstand uncertainty surrounding break-up of monetary union – […]


Austria to No Longer Guarantee Bank Deposits

– Austria will remove state guarantee of bank deposits – Austrian deposit plan given go ahead by the EU – Banks to pay into a deposit insurance fund over 10 years – Fund will then be valued at a grossly inadequate €1.5 billion – New bail-in legislation agreed by EU two years ago – Depositors […]


Blair Warns On BREXIT – ‘Chaos’ If UK Leaves EU

– Ex-Prime Minister warns uncertainty would hit UK economy and cause ‘chaos’ – ‘BREXIT’ would cause the “most intense period of instability” since WW2 – Seeks to portray Tory policy as disingenuous and cynically putting economy at risk – Uncertainty caused would have negative consequences for British economy and sterling Tony Blair has entered into […]


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