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“Buy Gold” and Short ECB, Says Marc Faber

Faber: “Only one way to short central banks and that is to buy gold”. Marc Faber warned at the weekend that 2015 may be the year that investors will lose confidence in central banks and that investors will “suddenly realise what a scam that central banking is”. He is long gold and recently bought more […]


Cyber War Poses Risks To Irish Banks – Savings and Deposits

Cyber Attacks Growing In Frequency – Entire Western Financial System Is Vulnerable The threat posed by cyber war to our increasingly complicated, technologically dependent and vulnerable financial institutions, markets, banks and indeed deposits becomes more clear by the day. British and US agents will carry out a mock cyber attack or ‘cyber war games’ on […]


Risk of New Euro Crisis After Syriza Victory In Greece

The crushing victory of the Greek opposition party Syriza in yesterday’s Greek elections has added to jitters in already jittery financial and foreign exchange markets. The euro tumbled and gold in euros surged to its highest level since April 2013, at €1,167.94/oz as markets opened in Asia. The euro has since stablised but remains near […]


QE…D: Why Printing Money will end badly for Ireland

You may have heard the news, the European Central Bank have started up the printing press. They are soon to print upwards of €60 Billion a month. The crowds of economic pundits have collectively cheered. Ireland stands to enjoy significant near term benefits, but at what cost? They speak of lower government borrowing costs for […]


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