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Global Economy Faces ‘Scary Situation’ – Billionaire Investment Manager Dalio Warns

NEWS & COMMENTARY Gold prices range-bound ahead of expected Fed rate cut Gold prices mark one-week low a day ahead of the Fed’s interest-rate decision Stocks drop rapidly on report trade agreement may not be signed at Chile meeting in November Fed may have to do more to calm the stress in the short-term lending […]


Trump Pumps Market With Trade Talks, Stocks Move Higher, Gold Lower

Sue Trinh, Managing Director of global macro strategy at Manulife Investment Management, speaking on Bloomberg. She had some interesting comments regarding the current market structure, in the shadow of the FED, which is expected to drop rates yet again. Ms Trinh sees boosts in asset prices not translating into any real uptick in the real […]


“Gold Is God’s Money” – ‘Rich Dad’ on Bloomberg TV

◆ “I like gold because gold is God’s money”, Robert Kiyosaki, personal finance expert and best selling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” tells Bloomberg TV ◆ “Gold and silver will always be here, no matter what the markets are doing, so that is why my foundation is gold, the second is real estate and […]


Bundesbank Buys Gold – Increasing Concerns About Deutsche Bank, European Banks, the Euro and Dollar

◆ The End Of Fiat In One Chart? ◆ For the first time in 21 years, Germany has openly bought gold into its reserve holdings ◆ With ECB mutiny and Deutsche Bank’s rapid demise, fears are rising of a looming financial crisis, and with that, Germany has shown a renewed interest in gold ◆ Which […]


Germany Increase Gold Reserves In September For The First Time In 21 Years – IMF

◆ The gold reserves of the German Bundesbank rose in September for the first time in 21 years; German gold reserves rose to 108.34 million ounces in September from 108.25 million ounces last month ◆ It was the Germany’s first gold purchase since 1998 and while the amounts are not huge at 90,000 troy ounces, […]


JPMorgan Warns U.S. Money Market Stress to ‘Get Much Worse’

◆ Severe funding pressures in U.S. money markets tipped to resurface heading into year-end by JPMorgan who warn that financial stresses are likely to ‘get much worse’ ◆ Goldman Sachs and Bank of America also warn funding issues remain (see below) ◆ Federal Reserve will start buying $60 billion of Treasury bills every month ◆ […]


A ‘Great Time To Rebalance Investment and Pension Portfolios’ – Newstalk Interview

How Is Gold Doing and What Is The Future Outlook? ◆ Negative interest rates and $250 trillion of global debt has turned the world of investments and pensions “on its head” ◆ Gold is doing very well and is up 17% in dollar terms so far this year (19% in euros and 17% in British […]


IMF Warning: ‘World’s Financial System Is More Stretched, Unstable and Dangerous Than It Was On the Eve of the Lehman Crisis’

◆ The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has again warned that the world’s financial system is more stretched, unstable and dangerous than it was on the eve of the Lehman crisis ◆ Quantitative easing, zero percent interest rates and massive financial repression has pushed investors – and in the case of pension funds or life insurers, […]


Gold Falls 0.25% After Johnson Says Brexit Agreed; Markets Remains Skeptical of the ‘Deal’

◆ Gold has fallen in pounds, euros and dollars after breaking news suggesting a Brexit deal has been reached ◆ The pound and the euro rose with the pound gaining 0.52% against the dollar ◆ The Australian and New Zealand dollar saw larger gains of 1% and 0.7% respectively which suggests foreign exchange markets remain […]


 Bank of England Warns of an ‘Abrupt’ Financial Collapse Due To Climate Emergency

◆ Coming financial collapse will likely be due to climate change warns Bank of England governor ◆ Marc Carney warns of an “abrupt” financial collapse due to climate emergency and warns that companies that ignore climate crisis will go bankrupt ◆ Fighting climate change will drive up interest rates and we must avoid a “climate-driven […]


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