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Why we couldn’t be happier that gold is boring

We’re the first to admit that investing in gold can be pretty boring. Don’t get us wrong, when you first decide to buy gold then the newness of it is exciting, as you choose which gold bullion dealer to use then it is interesting and when you actually see the gold bars or coins appear […]


Will Silver Prices Go Up to $300?

This week’s guest is so bullish on silver that he’s even written a best-selling book ‘The Great Silver Bull’ where he takes an in-depth look at why silver will outperform gold once again and even go as high as $300 an ounce. Author and investments editor Peter Krauth joins Dave Russell on GoldCore TV to […]


Brent Johnson Interview-The Dollar Milkshake Theory Explained

“It’s the dollar strength, which brings the system down.” This week GoldCore’s Dave Russell welcomes Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital onto GoldCore TV. Brent Johnson is the CEO and founder of Santiago Capital and the man behind the Dollar Milkshake Theory. Dave’s conversation with Brent is well-worth watching as they cover US dollar strength, if […]


Standby for Increased Gold Demand from China

Anyone who pays attention to global gold demand knows that China has been at the forefront of gold imports and central bank purchases for many years. To own gold bullion is something that is not only important to the Chinese government but also to Chinese citizens who have sought to buy gold bars and coins […]


David Morgan Silver Guru – What’s going on with silver?

“Silver is something that’s needed. It’s essential, it’s imperative, you cannot run a society without silver,” This week we welcome the Silver Guru David Morgan to talk about silver as an investment and its vital role in daily life.  We discuss the silver price, why it remains below $20/oz and what opportunities David sees for […]


A muddled message from The Fed

If you have decided to buy gold bullion or to buy silver coins in the last few months then you may have been delighted with how last night’s Fed press conference went. If you’re still wondering if or how to invest in gold then it might be worth paying attention to what central banks are […]


Statement Re Irish Gold & Silver Bullion Ltd.

Many of you may have read the news that a bullion company that operated in the Irish market called Irish Gold & Silver Bullion Ltd. which traded under the name; Irish Gold Bullion, has been found to have been running a ponzi scheme, scamming investors out of over €1 million. Thankfully, GoldCore has never had […]


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