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When Rock begins to beat Paper

When you choose to invest in gold it can be confusing to know the best way to add it to your portfolio. Should you buy gold bullion? Should you buy a gold ETF? Or maybe gold mining shares? It’s a minefield! Here at GoldCore, we see it very simply: if you want to get all […]


Long Term Gold Price Prediction- Kevin Wadsworth

What do the weather and the markets have in common? Quite a bit says this week’s guest! Kevin Wadsworth is a meteorologist-turned-chart analyst who has a lot of interesting insight and predictions into market movements and the price of gold.  Kevin joins GoldCore TV host Dave Russell to discuss how he applies his 35 years […]


Inflation Crisis 2022 – Marc Faber Interview (Full)

Tune into GoldCore TV where we have just released the full, frank and direct interview with Dr. Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom, Doom Report in a no-holds barred interview. Following on from the excerpts shown on last week’s The M3 Report we have today released the full interview with the highly-respected veteran of the […]


Gold traders on trial: Only buy physical

Followers of the gold and silver price will have long been aware of the cases brought against large banks for manipulating the precious metals markets. This week has brought the issue to the fore as three former JP Morgan employees stand trial for “racketeering conspiracy as well as conspiring to commit price manipulation, wire fraud, […]


Episode 2 of The M3 report with Marc Faber

Inflation! Trading Places! Marc Faber! Chart Watch! That’s right, it’s episode two of The M3 Report.  It is finally here, what a great way to set you up for the week ahead. Subscribe here if you’re not already receiving alerts.  Click Here to Watch It Now Our maiden episode was a huge success, and we have […]


Gold cheers when the Fed tries to fight the inevitable

Yesterday the Fed released the minutes from the FOMC’s July meeting. There were few surprises, but two things really stood out; members are anxious about inflation and they’re anxious about a recession. As you will read below, this is good news for the gold price and anyone who has already decided to invest in gold. […]


Jim Rickards – Don’t Trust the Fed’s Narrative

“Don’t underestimate the power of a narrative” says our guest on GoldCore TV this week. Jim Rickards joins Dave Russell to talk about perception, the Putin Price Hike and why he believes Ukraine cannot win the war. If you enjoyed the interview, look out for our new look GoldCore TV show, The M3 Report, when […]


Inflation is now out of the control of central banks

When “whatever it takes” means confiscation of wealth One of the reasons people decide to buy gold bullion or add silver coins to their portfolio is because they cannot be devalued. No one can suddenly decide to print more gold or silver! Sadly, this is exactly what happens with currencies around the world. And the […]


When Gold is just Gold: Is Russian Gold Back in Favour?

It’s been an interesting week so far in the world of gold prices and central banks making use of their gold reserves. For those asking if they should buy gold, two events this week provide further arguments on the benefits of holding the precious metal.  There is little doubt that central banks, notably the U.S. […]


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