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The Fed’s Inflation Gamble Continues

The fed’s inflation gamble continues… Are central banks trapped? Last week’s Fed statement and the press conference that followed proved to be the start of a US$90 (4.8%) decline in the gold price. Fed on Economic Recovery The Summary of Economic Projections (known as the dot-plots) released with the statement showed that committee members changed […]


Gold as a Currency- Interactive Gold Charts

Gold has a long history as a currency and as part of the monetary system. The use of gold as a currency dates back to 600 BC in what is present-day Turkey. Coins were first made of electrum – which is an alloy made up of gold and silver, with trace amounts of other metals. […]


Is Gold Still a Safe Haven Asset?

Another strike against Bitcoin this week. We discuss bitcoin often because it has been touted as an alternative to gold in many circles. Many of these claims are unsubstantiated and some are outright false. Also, as long-term physical metals investors, we care enough to tackle these falsehoods head on. Commercials are circulating from crypto companies […]


What could send gold to $5000 per ounce?

Ronni Stoeferle of Incrementum is this week’s guest on GoldCore TV with Dave Russell. He’s discussing what he sees as the major drivers that could send gold to $5,000 an ounce and possibly even as high as $12,000 an ounce over the coming years. Watch the Video to Learn More Make sure you don’t miss […]


Gold to Gain Momentum in 2021 – Here’s Why

Big ideas are like supertankers filled with oil; both take forever to get moving. The move from one state to another is a boring form of entertainment. However, each is impossible to stop once the momentum has built. Substantial progress can be seen over a period of time and one can notice and understand the […]


New Video: Dominic Frisby -Why Now is a Good Time to Buy Gold

This week’s guest on GoldCore TV is financial writer, author, and comedian Dominic Frisby who joins Dave Russell to discuss financial markets, inflation and why now is gold and silver’s time to shine… Watch the Video to Learn More Make sure you don’t miss a single episode… Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Gold to hit $3,000, […]


Will Gold and Silver Surge to New Highs in 2021?

Gold has clearly broken out to the upside in recent days and silver is rallying along with it! Gold has pushed past its 200-day moving average and broke upwards through the downtrend line. The gold price has risen 12% in US dollar terms from the year-to-date low set on March 30, 2021, of US$1683.95 to […]


Gold to hit $3,000, Bitcoin to $20,000 Chart Warning Signals!

Today on #GoldCoreTV, Gareth Soloway, Chief Market Strategist of, shares some insightful charts that help to understand the warning signals in #Bitcoin, #Gold, and #Silver markets. Watch the Video to Learn More Make sure you don’t miss a single episode… Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Are Central Banks Targeting your Bitcoin? Watch this Episode to […]


3 Reasons Gold is Now Set to Rally

Gold has rallied to a four-month high – rising in US dollar terms by $100 in the first 18 days of May, and more than $200 since the low this year set on March 30th. On a technical positive gold moved decisively above its 200-day moving average! The decline in the US dollar is one of […]


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