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Gold and Silver Prices Fall Despite Bullion Shortages and Rising Premiums

◆ Gold and particularly silver prices have fallen sharply in recent days due to massive concerted selling in the futures market which is being attributed to margin call selling. ◆ Gold and silver prices are down by 4.5% and 24% respectively in March despite unprecedented demand for gold and silver bullion globally which is leading […]


Important Notice Regarding Our Services At This Time Of Unprecedented Demand

GoldCore remain open for business and we like most mints, refineries and dealers continue to experience record demand. In light of the unprecedented demand for precious metals and significant disruptions to logistical networks as borders and nations are closed in national lock-downs, we have taken the following decisions and actions: ◆ All new order deliveries […]


Don’t Panic – Prepare

◆ Markets have collapsed around the world as we predicted as the ‘Giant Ponzi Everything Bubble’ meets the massive pin that is the coronavirus’ impact on already vulnerable indebted economies. ◆ Stocks have crashed and bond markets and banks may be next … “bank holidays”, bail-ins and currency resets are likely ◆ The virus is […]


Fed Slashes to 0% and QE of $700 Billion Coming; Gold Gains 3% Before Correcting

◆ Gold jumped 3% after the US Federal Reserve cut its benchmark interest rate by a full percentage point to near zero and announced they would again engage in QE and massive bond buying worth $700 billion. ◆ Gold subsequently pared gains despite the US central bank engaging in another panic move to protect stock […]


Gold Falls 4% As Futures Sold Aggressively While Buying of Coins and Bars Surges

◆ Stock markets around the world collapsed yesterday as market panic led to massive sell offs of over 10% on U.S. markets, the worst crash since October 1987 and European stocks had the largest falls seen since 1940. ◆ Gold started the day well and only started falling at 1130 GMT and ended the day […]


Gold Hedging Stock Market Crash: Euro Stoxx -6%, FTSE -5.7% and DAX -5.6%

◆ Stock markets around the world are collapsing today as the financial and economic implications of the impact of the pandemic on already massively indebted companies and governments is realised. ◆ Investors are liquidating en masse risk assets from equities to industrial commodities, while gold has held its ground. ◆ The FTSE 100 is down […]


Gold Gains As Bank of England Slashes to Emergency Rate of 0.25% and ECB Warns Of 2008 Style “Great Financial Crisis”

◆ Gold prices rose by 0.6% today as the Bank of England slashed rates in an emergency move to 0.25% and the ECB looks set to follow as it warned of a 2008 style crisis overnight. ◆ The Bank of England slashed its main interest rate to 0.25 percent this morning in a emergency move […]


Pandemic Pandemonium May Be “More Destructive” Than The 2008 Lehman Financial and Economic Collapse

◆ “Coronavirus may be more destructive than the Lehman crisis” and “recession is imminent” warns Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph ◆ The outbreak has triggered a collision of unstable debt and the oil price crash is combining with a worrying level of corporate debt that is frightening Wall Street ◆ The coronavirus has set off […]


Gold Tests $1,700/oz Again Taking YTD Gains to 10% As Global Stocks Plunge

◆ Gold reached new multi year highs today, reaching its highest since December 2012 at $1,702.56 per ounce prior to profit taking in gold futures saw gold fall back to $1,670/oz. ◆ Gold prices rose above the $1,700 per ounce level for the first time in more than seven years, as stock market routs continued […]


Gold Surges 7.5% In Week As Coronavirus Impacts Companies, Markets and Economies

◆ Gold has surged 7.5% this week to $1,690/oz and is set for its biggest weekly gain since October 2011. It has reached a new seven year high today as fears mount over the negative effect of the coronavirus on companies, economies, markets and currencies. ◆ Gold is the top performing asset this week (see […]


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