Pandemic, Lockdowns, Fake and Manipulated Markets – Gold and Silver Outlook

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The massive global debt driven “Everything Bubble” is bursting due to the pandemic and more specifically the governments draconian economic lockdowns

A dollar crisis is inevitable with U.S. government debt surging by some $2 trillion in a matter of weeks and ballooning to over $25 trillion

◆ Wall Street has just been bailed out at the expense of Main Street and families and businesses in the U.S. and throughout most of the industrial world

Gold and particularly silver remain good value for those looking for safe havens to hedge the risk of financial dislocations and collapse

◆ Due to ongoing price manipulation in the futures market they have yet to price in the scale of the coming crisis; silver is actually lower despite massive demand as seen in a surge in silver ETF holdings, shortages of silver coins and bars and elevated premiums on gold but particularly silver

◆ This is much more than a “logistics” issue and is more due to actual shortages of physical metal from mines, mints and refineries and very strong global demand

◆ Gold and silver, if owned in the safest of ways, will protect people, families and companies in the coming global financial and monetary crisis

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◆ All the best from Stephen, Mark and the team. Be well!

Gold in USD – 3 Days


31 Gold and Silver Charts – Demand Will Soar and Gold Will Surge Once It Surpasses $1,900/oz (GoldChartsRUs)

“This event coming into play just prior to taking out all time highs at $1900 after which one could expect the prices to accelerate & demand soar.”

Coronavirus Sickens Almost 90 at Biggest Russian Gold Mine (Bloomberg)

Gold ETFs Luring Record Amounts of Cash Despite Risk-Asset Rally (Bloomberg)

Gold steady as firmer dollar offsets fears of new infections (Reuters)

Global equities markets waver, bonds dip on fears of second wave of infections (Reuters)

U.S. has no need to buy back debt, will take advantage of low interest rates: Mnuchin (Reuters)

Over 80% of U.S. small businesses expect longer impact of pandemic: survey (Reuters)

As U.S. meat workers fall sick and supplies dwindle, exports to China soar (Reuters)

Here’s what gold does when the U.S. government goes on a borrowing binge (Marketwatch)

“Yes It Will. The Only Question Is When” – WATCH HERE


11-May-20 1698.80 1702.75, 1375.35 1378.55 & 1570.20 1571.81
07-May-20 1688.65 1704.05, 1366.29 1387.78 & 1565.21 1582.38
06-May-20 1698.90 1691.50, 1373.56 1366.73 & 1574.71 1564.13
05-May-20 1696.30 1699.55, 1363.83 1363.72 & 1566.36 1562.91
04-May-20 1703.70 1709.10, 1371.14 1374.63 & 1558.72 1563.83
01-May-20 1673.05 1686.25, 1332.08 1347.15 & 1523.14 1536.68

30-Apr-20 1716.75 1702.75, 1373.92 1361.69 & 1577.86 1568.91
29-Apr-20 1706.00 1703.35, 1371.97 1368.64 & 1569.69 1568.10
28-Apr-20 1708.10 1691.55, 1367.68 1357.98 & 1571.11 1559.27
27-Apr-20 1717.25 1714.95, 1381.36 1380.19 & 1582.96 1581.18
24-Apr-20 1727.25 1715.90, 1401.32 1391.59 & 1604.96 1589.09
23-Apr-20 1727.55 1736.25, 1399.49 1405.84 & 1601.78 1608.64
22-Apr-20 1702.65 1710.55, 1377.95 1388.28 & 1567.46 1576.44
21-Apr-20 1678.60 1682.05, 1328.16 1364.82 & 1548.00 1547.82
20-Apr-20 1684.95 1686.20, 1349.14 1355.70 & 1547.63 1551.98

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