Political Turmoil in UK & US Sees Gold Hit 2 Week High

For first time in over 16 years, palladium futures settle at a premium to gold futures

Gold futures on Wednesday resumed their climb toward the psychologically important price of $1,300 an ounce, settling at their highest in nearly two weeks on the back of political turmoil in the U.K. and U.S.

Caution among traders had deepened “ahead of a no-confidence vote on British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government and other geopolitical risks, including the U.S. government shutdown, loom large in investors minds,” said Mark O’Byrne, research director at GoldCore.

“Physical demand for gold coins and bars has picked up in the U.K. and Ireland, due to Brexit and U.K. political uncertainty,” he added.

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News and Commentary

Gold at highest in nearly 2 weeks on political turmoil in the U.K., U.S. (MarketWatch.com)

Palladium prices hit record on supply deficit, gold firm on rate views (Reuters.com)

Theresa May’s government survives a no-confidence vote after its crushing Brexit defeat (CNBC.com)

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Geopolitical risks, including the U.S. government shutdown, loom large in investors minds,” said GoldCore

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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

16 Jan: USD 1,290.50, GBP 1,002.46 & EUR 1,130.99 per ounce
15 Jan: USD 1,289.35, GBP 1,002.99 & EUR 1,127.67 per ounce
14 Jan: USD 1,293.70, GBP 1,007.02 & EUR 1,129.27 per ounce
11 Jan: USD 1,298.80, GBP 1,012.91 & EUR 1,123.96 per ounce
10 Jan: USD 1,292.40, GBP 1,012.98 & EUR 1,121.54 per ounce
09 Jan: USD 1,281.30, GBP 1,006.41 & EUR 1,118.32 per ounce
08 Jan: USD 1,291.90, GBP 1,006.71 & EUR 1,121.62 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

16 Jan: USD 15.54, GBP 12.09 & EUR 13.66 per ounce
15 Jan: USD 15.60, GBP 12.13 & EUR 13.65 per ounce
14 Jan: USD 15.61, GBP 12.13 & EUR 13.61 per ounce
11 Jan: USD 15.68, GBP 12.23 & EUR 13.60 per ounce
10 Jan: USD 15.70, GBP 12.33 & EUR 13.63 per ounce
09 Jan: USD 15.62, GBP 12.27 & EUR 13.64 per ounce
08 Jan: USD 15.64, GBP 12.24 & EUR 13.64 per ounce

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