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Real Gold and Silver – 7 Reasons Robert Kiyosaki Owns Them

Real Gold and Silver – 7 Reasons Robert Kiyosaki Owns Them

In Robert Kiyosaki’s just-released book ‘FAKE – Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets’, the best selling ‘Rich Dad’ author and respected personal finance expert details the seven reasons he owns “real gold and silver.”

The book is designed to deliver insights and answers to help millions of people – many of whom have had little in the way of financial education — determine what is ‘real’ and relevant to their financial future.

Kiyosaki is the inspirational author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” the No. 1 selling personal finance book of all time, and therefore always worth listening to.

Kiyosaki believes in the law of attraction and the principle that ‘like attracts like’ and focusing on the purest forms of wealth – gold and silver – attracts like and brings more wealth into gold owners lives.

He believes that holding real gold coins and bars attracts wealth to gold bullion owners through the law of attraction and is the best way to attract wealth and have a steady income.

In the book, CHAPTER 3 of which was released on Saturday (September 1st), Kioyosaki considers the 7 Reasons I Own Real Gold and Silver and we feature an short extract in our market update today:

REASON #1: Real gold and silver are not investments.

I do not own gold and silver to make money. They are insurance, a hedge against the stupidity of the elites… and myself.

I have insurance on my car, just in case someone hits me, or in case I hit someone else. Gold and silver serve a similar purpose.

I do not trust the elites. They believe they know everything. They believe they are always right In their minds, they do not make mistakes. They will never admit they are wrong.

Elites are not the only ones with this affliction. All of us are afflicted with the “I am right and you are wrong” disease. We all know someone who is always right.

At times, I am that person, too.


Kiyosaki is a consistent, long-time advocate of owning gold and silver bullion coins and bars as a way to protect and grow wealth, especially during uncertain financial times.

‘FAKE – Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets’ (Chapter 3) can be accessed here


News and Commentary

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

31 Aug: USD 1,206.85, GBP 927.58 & EUR 1,034.03 per ounce
30 Aug: USD 1,202.35, GBP 924.25 & EUR 1,028.49 per ounce
29 Aug: USD 1,204.30, GBP 935.14 & EUR 1,032.33 per ounce
28 Aug: USD 1,212.75, GBP 939.88 & EUR 1,037.02 per ounce
24 Aug: USD 1,189.95, GBP 928.76 & EUR 1,029.43 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

31 Aug: USD 14.66, GBP 11.27 & EUR 12.56 per ounce
30 Aug: USD 14.67, GBP 11.27 & EUR 12.54 per ounce
29 Aug: USD 14.69, GBP 11.40 & EUR 12.60 per ounce
28 Aug: USD 14.90, GBP 11.56 & EUR 12.74 per ounce
24 Aug: USD 14.62, GBP 11.37 & EUR 12.63 per ounce

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