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Russia Sells 80% Of Its US Treasuries

Russia Sells 80% Of Its US Treasuries

Description: In just over 2 months Russia has sold-off over 85% of its holdings of U.S. Treasuries, should the U.S. be concerned?

– Russia has liquidated 85% of its US Treasury holdings in just two months
– Russia dumps over $90 billion of Treasuries in April and May as holdings collapse from near $100 billion to just $9 billion
– Deepening geo-political tensions between Russia and U.S. and Russian concerns about the dollar lead to selling
– Trump administration imposed new sanctions on April 6 on seven of Russia’s richest men and 17 top government officials
– Russia continues to accumulate gold bullion and deepening tensions may see this acceleratehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTZYwMP9dKQ
– Tensions between the U.S. and China are rising and China has been selling Treasuries and this may accelerate if trade wars and currency wars deepen

“The Treasury International Capital, TIC Update, confirms that the massive reduction we saw in US Treasuries by the Russians in April continued in May.
They sold basically 81 billion in two months, down from just under 100 billion. That’s an 80% reduction in two months!
Meanwhile they’re buying gold, they’re buying up to a million at one point, a million ounces of gold in certain months.
It’s a very important story. I don’t think the potential ramification of the story are being understood.
Tensions are running very, very deep and this appears to be a response by Russia to the sanctions from America……”

Trump Trade and Currency Wars With China –  Goldnomics Podcast

News and Commentary

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UPDATE 1-Putin says no plans to reject dollar but risks should be stemmed (Reuters.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

27 Jul: USD 1,219.15, GBP 931.06 & EUR 1,048.10 per ounce
26 Jul: USD 1,228.35, GBP 931.46 & EUR 1,049.13 per ounce
25 Jul: USD 1,230.55, GBP 935.09 & EUR 1,051.75 per ounce
24 Jul: USD 1,224.30, GBP 933.77 & EUR 1,047.63 per ounce
23 Jul: USD 1,229.45, GBP 937.21 & EUR 1,050.93 per ounce
20 Jul: USD 1,224.85, GBP 940.56 & EUR 1,050.80 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

27 Jul: USD 15.36, GBP 11.72 & EUR 13.20 per ounce
26 Jul: USD 15.54, GBP 11.79 & EUR 13.27 per ounce
25 Jul: USD 15.57, GBP 11.83 & EUR 13.31 per ounce
24 Jul: USD 15.51, GBP 11.81 & EUR 13.24 per ounce
23 Jul: USD 15.49, GBP 11.78 & EUR 13.22 per ounce
20 Jul: USD 15.37, GBP 11.79 & EUR 13.19 per ounce

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