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Silver Gains 6% To $18.40/oz and Gold Consolidates Over $1,500/oz This Week

Silver in USD – 10 Years (Silverprice.org)

News and Commentary

Gold steadies near six-year high, silver jumps as growth risks persist

Silver rally is stealing the show even as gold surges to 6-year high

Around 1,000 fake-branded bars likely from China slip dirty gold into Asian gold markets

Trump says US and China resume trade talks Thursday ‘at a different level’

China sends fresh troops into Hong Kong as military pledges to protect ‘national sovereignty’

Japan-South Korea dispute is a sign that the world order is ‘collapsing’

BOE: The Growing Challenges for Monetary Policy in the Current International Monetary and Financial System

JP Morgan: Is the dollar’s “exorbitant privilege” coming to an end?

Gold consolidates over $1,500 and reaches new record highs in GBP and EUR

Gold Prices (LBMA – USD, GBP & EUR – AM/ PM Fix)

29-Aug-19 1536.65 1540.20, 1260.51 1262.96 & 1387.29 1392.03
28-Aug-19 1541.75 1537.15, 1263.31 1258.77 & 1389.89 1387.43
27-Aug-19 1531.85 1532.95, 1250.91 1247.51 & 1378.97 1380.88
26-Aug-19 UK Bank Holiday
23-Aug-19 1495.50 1503.80, 1224.37 1228.91 & 1351.48 1357.63
22-Aug-19 1498.70 1502.05, 1234.63 1225.97 & 1351.98 1354.10
21-Aug-19 1499.65 1503.25, 1235.41 1238.53 & 1351.48 1354.43
20-Aug-19 1502.65 1504.55, 1242.69 1239.60 & 1356.44 1357.86

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Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director


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