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Store Gold In The Safest Vaults In Ireland

Irish, UK and international investors can for the first time store gold in professionally managed, secure, institutional grade vaults in Ireland.

Due to significant demand and many requests to do so from both the public and clients in Ireland, the UK and internationally, we are now offering Secure Storage in Dublin, Ireland.

Secure Storage Ireland, the first institutional gold storage service in Ireland, is managed by GoldCore in collaboration with Loomis International in a modern state of the art secure storage facility in Dublin, Ireland.

GoldCore considered operating our own vaults or opting for the safety or safe deposit box option but there were unappreciated risks to clients and more importantly a lack of liquidity for investors who could not easily, quickly and competitively liquidate their gold holdings.

Our new institutional gold storage offering is for retail, HNW, family office, pension, broker and institutional investors. We believe it will be of interest not just to Irish and UK investors but also to U.S. investors, particularly Irish Americans, and indeed international investors looking for a secure location to store their gold internationally.

Importance of Owning Gold in the Safest Ways Possible

We have always stated that when owning gold to hedge financial and systemic risk, you must not simply seek to invest in, or rather own physical gold, but rather be sure to own the right gold, in the right form, in the right place, and in the right way in order to ensure that you are protected against financial and monetary crisis and crashes.

Gold is financial insurance and a hedge against risk. It is a proven safe-haven asset but only if owned in the safest of ways.

GoldCore Secure Storage Ireland – Information and Introduction Video Here


Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director


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