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Understanding Gold: A Step By Step Guide To Gold As An Asset Class

by Eoin Treacy via Proactive Investors

Gold is the world’s most polarising asset. People either love it or hate it. You’ll be denigrated a gold bug for owning it, or an ignorant moron for not.

There are good reasons for this division. Gold’s position is an odd one thanks to its characteristics, history and the way it’s traded today. Nobody can agree on any of those three, so they can’t agree about gold either.

Some people will tell you gold is the only true form of money, while others will decry its uselessness because you can’t spend it. Some will tell you about how gold was money for thousands of years, while others will point out that we finally managed to get rid of it last century. The same facts lead people to opposite conclusions.

The same people who were once staunch advocates of gold can go to being its harshest critics and then return to favour it over the course of their career. The best example of this is former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan.

In the midst of all this, it’s tough to untangle any truths or reach any certain conclusions about gold. After all, when it comes to financial markets, the truth is what enough people perceive it to be.

In the end, you’ll have to make up your own mind about gold. But here is the best possible primer I can give you…

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This is an excerpt. To access the full article which explores the gold price, gold’s past performance and gold’s vitally important role as a wealth preservation asset visit Proactive Investors

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News and Commentary

Gold slips to 2019 low as global economic outlook improves (Reuters.com)

Romania’s central bank objects to lawmakers’ attempt to repatriate gold reserve (Romania-Insider.com)

Stocks erase week’s gains after weak manufacturing surveys (Reuters.com)

North Korea calls for Pompeo to be dropped from talks; tests tactical weapon (Reuters.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

17 Apr: USD 1,276.10, GBP 978.77 & EUR 1,127.82 per ounce
16 Apr: USD 1,283.75, GBP 981.30 & EUR 1,137.40 per ounce
15 Apr: USD 1,286.75, GBP 982.43 & EUR 1,137.23 per ounce
12 Apr: USD 1,296.15, GBP 991.68 & EUR 1,146.06 per ounce
11 Apr: USD 1,304.65, GBP 997.01 & EUR 1,152.43 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

17 Apr: USD 15.00, GBP 11.49 & EUR 13.27 per ounce
16 Apr: USD 14.94, GBP 11.42 & EUR 13.22 per ounce
15 Apr: USD 14.93, GBP 11.39 & EUR 13.20 per ounce
12 Apr: USD 15.06, GBP 11.51 & EUR 13.31 per ounce
11 Apr: USD 15.25, GBP 11.66 & EUR 13.53 per ounce

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